Please join us for an essential training for trauma therapists
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Robin Shapiro, LICSW
Robin Shapiro is an internationally esteemed authority in the field of trauma treatment. Her engaging and genuine nature, vast knowledge and clinical mastery promises to inspire you as you learn effective, nuanced and practical strategies that can be embedded immediately into your work with traumatized clients.

The EMDR 'Mixed Bag'

Gain comprehensive perspectives, core insights and intuitive know-how in this workshop. Robin embodies a unique awareness of how to practically and successfully treat trauma through the application of EMDR Therapy and other valuable psychotherapeutic models.
  • Do you want to expand your understanding of how to apply EMDR interventions that assist in maneuvering more fluidly through impasses in your work?
  • Do you want to have more therapeutic tools available to you when faced with critical moment-by-moment decisions in your sessions?
  • Do you want to not just administer techniques but better understand the deeper nature of why your traumatized clients are stuck and how, by intervening at key choice-points, you can help them move towards healing?

If so, this workshop is for you!

What's in the Mixed Bag?

Drawing from Robin's wealth of trauma specialization, you will learn how to integrate a wide range of effective clinical interventions that facilitate targeting a multiplicity of problematic issues arising in the treatment of complex trauma.

Here's a sampling!

The Two Handed Interweave: Participants can utilize the Two-Hand Interweave to help clients develop affect awareness; differentiate between past and future (a huge AIP function), external danger and internal discomfort; projection and the actual other person, a destructive cultural or familial belief and a beneficial alternative, and myriad client-specific themes.

Working with Anxiety: Participants can distinguish between trauma-based and genetically-influenced anxiety, and use EMDR to treat both. They can utilize Marsha Whisman’s OCD protocol and the follow the three prongs through having clients practice calming the body, attacking negative cognitions, and leading a full life, despite a tendency to have anxiety.

Attachment-Focused EMDR: Participants will be able to assess EMDR clients through the attachment lens, strategize appropriate targets for processing, and utilize attachment-enhancing interventions throughout the arc of the Eight Phases of EMDR therapy, starting with the first client contact, moving through assessment-wise history-taking, and treatment planning, and continuing through appropriate targets, cognitions, and interweaves

Getting Sexual Abuse Survivors into Healthy Sexual Lives & EMDR with Couples: Learn to help survivors of sexual abuse move beyond maladaptive patterns towards more functional, mature intimacy. Assess couples for traumatic and/or attachment disruptions, from before or during the current relationship, clear those targets, clear current fears and “reflexes”, and then use the future template of EMDR to install new, chosen behavior between partners. Participants can combine EMDR’s AIP with Bader and Pearson’s differentiation model of healthy relationships.
$199 Admission

6 EMDRIA Credits approved
6 CEUs approved for LCSWs, LMFTs, LPCs and Licensed Psychologists in CT, MA, RI, NH, VT
A link will be sent to you a week prior to the livestream via Zoom.

Friday March 27, 2020
11:00 - 5:30 pm EST
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11:00-12:30   Lecture, Q&A
12:30-12:35   5 min. break
12:35-2:05     Lecture, Q&A
2:05-2:25       20 min. break
2:25-3:55       Lecture, Q&A
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4:00-5:30       Lecture, Q&A
Robin Shapiro is highly regarded trauma specialist based in Seattle, WA, whose passion for EMDR Therapy is matched by her clarity and eloquence on the subject. She is a practical, clear, and entertaining speaker, a prolific author, respected consultant and intuitive clinician who has indelibly influenced the field of EMDR Therapy with her substantial contributions. She holds an impressive roster of speaking engagements, presenting on EMDR Therapy interventions, theory and concepts worldwide including 3 presentations at the 1999-2001 EMDRIA Conferences. At the 1999 EMDRIA International Conference, she presented “Clearing Cultural and Generational Trauma”. At the 2010 EMDRIA Annual Conference she presented “EMDR and Depression”. Robin's informative blog, which she has been writing since 2006, Trauma and Attachment Therapy, is a treasure trove for all things trauma.

Robin is valued member of the EMDR community and has been active in organizations nationally and locally. She has served as a board member of EMDR Trauma Recovery HAP. She runs her community's TRN. Robin brings the qualities of open-heartedness, firm boundaries, flexible techniques, humor, alliance and clear-headed presence to her work. She is actively engaged and very supportive of her clients, consultees and students. She is committed to their growth, competency, empowerment and choices.

Take advantage this special opportunity to expand your clinical repertoire and gain expertise with a luminary in the field of EMDR & traumatology while networking with other dynamic EMDR clinicians.
Robin's seminal books, EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing, EMDR Solutions II for Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance and More and Easy Ego State Interventions have added enduring value to the landscape of EMDR therapy and continue to guide and inspire countless practitioners towards excellence in their practice. Robin's NEW book, Doing Psychotherapy has just been released.
"Robin Shapiro brought her Easy Ego States workshop to 110 clinicians in Des Moines, to rave reviews. It's rare to get 3 or 4 things that you can immediately apply from a workshop. Robin gave us that much in the first hour! Her broad range of knowledge, eclectic ability to integrate various therapies and approaches into her teaching, and her solid research base are impactful and impressive. The broad application of her two hand interweave itself is incredibly effective with all the varieties of ambivalence clients present. Robin is open, warm, and genuine, teaching from the gift of self as well as professional expertise. Her humor keeps everyone engaged and her ability to go with the flow with a live demonstration that turned into complex trauma treatment was phenomenal." – Bonnie Mikelson, LISW, Director, EMDR & Beyond, LLC

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