August 2021

More Bible Distributions and August Update
In August, 11,238 Bibles were distributed. We had many wonderful pictures of kids receiving Bibles, but used the one above to represent them all, which included 7 high schools in Limpopo; 9 Durban primary schools (kudos to new coordinator Sandile Hlongwa); 9 church youth groups in Eastern Cape; 7 high schools in Mafikeng, Northwest Province; 4 primary schools in Mafahlawana, Newcastle; and schools in Swaziland and some other locations.

Reach4Life Director Thandeka Mavundla-Nzama reports, "With every lockdown, as regulations are tightened or loosened, we have learned to rely on God’s word. As Psalm 32:7 says, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”
Covid is still a big challenge in all our 4 Africa R4L Countries. We go with the flow according to the regulations of each country, region, or province. Thank you for your prayers as some of our PE’s have tested positive. We thank God that they are recovering well in their homes. (Note: Thandy’s husband Emmanuel tested positive for Covid today; please keep him and affected R4L program workers in your prayers.)

In August, our ministry focus was to keep our teams of Peer Educators motivated as they reach kids in creative ways with the gospel in and out of classrooms. We focused on roll outs to new schools and helping our “Fox” (students teaching students) Peer Educators grow their groups, with the help of the adult Peer Educators who continue to mentor and train them.
Also, Biblica requested that Phakama participate in their Global R4L Digital media summit. As Biblica’s Africa Director, Lydia Munene, pointed out, online initiatives implemented by Phakama have been successful during the pandemic. They would like other partners to learn about how to use online options as well as they plan to improve the app and expand R4L’s presence on social media. R4L multimedia coordinator Thabiso represented Phakama in the summit meeting."
Auction and Clothing Drive Updates

We will be having an online auction again this year, from October 2-9. We will give you detailed instructions in the next newsletter, but in the meantime, if you have any gift cards, new items, handcrafted items, etc., to donate, please let us know ( or 206-423-0306, cell for Lorna Packard). We have started entering items into our system already. (See a screen shot above.) We have some great items, including the cakes that were so popular last year!

Also, we have collected 15,995 pounds of clothes for the clothing drive so far this summer and have extended the drive through October 31. We can take gently used clothes, shoes, purses, belts, linens (tablecloths, towels, drapes, etc.), blankets, sleeping bags, and anything fabric-y. Clothes can be dropped at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, on the porch or in front of the garage if it's good weather. Donation receipts are in a bag on the porch. Please also let your family and friends know about the clothing drive. We can pick up large amounts of clothes if needed. Contact us at 253-946-5953 (landline), 206-423-0306 (cell), or by email.
Teacher Says R4L Fixes the Broken
Fezeka Lukuona (grade 11) is shown with Intabazwe High School teacher, Mrs. Ntombela (right), who shares, “We have lost two teachers to Covid in our school in one month. It’s been a very difficult time for us as a staff and the learners. This little Reach4Life Bible has made us all stronger. The topics in there were written to touch anything that is broken and fix it. When a Peer Educator came to our assembly to comfort the school, he shared on the topic tough times. That is when we all started to take this book serious. It spoke to us all. We felt comforted and loved by God though we had lost our dear friends. R4L is not just a tool for kids, it’s a tool for every broken heart.”  
Reach4Life is a Big Part of this School!
From left are Luyanda Dladla, Sifiso Radebe and class teacher Mrs. Maphalala of Harrismith, Rato Thando High school. Mrs Maphalala says, “These two students were trained as Fox Peer Educators early this year by the Reach4Life team. With all that has been going on in the world, as a school we need this spiritual uplifting program. Reach4Life has become a big part of our school. The foxes are given time to share a R4L lesson as a devotion in classes. Sometimes we use R4L as a discussion tool for topics that are needed by the youth. In our school all our learners have a R4L Bible and its compulsory that each learner brings it to school every day. Keep up the good work team R4L, you are helping many broken lives through the word."  
Pastor Starts R4L Hang-Out Sessions
Pastor Njongwana (left) attended one of Pastor Emmanuel Nzama's pastoral trainings that took place in Johannesburg in February, where he was told about the R4L program for the youth. He took a box of R4L Bibles home with him, and began a group of seven young people in his church. The group has grown to about 35 young people coming to the Friday night "hang-out" sessions. Now he is introducing the program to other churches in the area.
Peer Educator Overcomes Challenges; Gets Degree
“I became a Peer Educator in 2016. I had just come to know the Lord and my life was heading the wrong direction. I was a broken young man. As a product of rape the family shunned my mother for keeping me and she died soon after I was born. I was raised by my grandma who also died when I was young. No one in the family wanted to look after a child of disgrace as they called me, so I stayed by myself all my school years. I got involved with R4L when it came to my town, and I was also trained as a Peer Educator after my grade 12. My life took a different turn all together. I had a family now, the R4L conference of 2016 transformed me. Meeting other young people from all over, some with worse stories than mine but we had all found comfort, love and belonging in Christ. It was my dream to study. With the weekly subsidy support I got from the R4L ministry through Prevention Time and Phakama, that helped me to pay some of my modules. Today I hold a higher certificate in Business Management. We as Peer Educators are empowered to be better young men and women while participating in this program. R4L is more than a classroom program, but a movement of holistic transformation of many kids in Africa." (Congratulations from your friends on the mission trip, Lindelani!)
Student from Muslim School Chooses Jesus
Lethokuhle Ngcobo, grade 7, Ar Anger primary school, Port Shepstone, shares, “Our school is mostly Muslim, but we are not forced to convert. My parents took me to it because they wanted me to have a better education. For a long time, I did not feel welcomed as there are few black kids in the school. A friend invited me to her church 4 months ago, saying there was a youth program to be launched. I loved hearing about R4L and how it has helped many other people around the world. I signed up. Now I am a believer and I have a group of 12 other kids that I now teach in my school. (Adult Peer Educators go through the lessons with the Foxes before the lessons are taught.)The R4L bible teaches us the kids the truth. It is the word, and it builds us. I have decided to keep my body for marriage, and I will follow the Lord going forward.”  
Jesus is Not Our Ancestor
Coordinator Thomas Mkhize of Nanda, Durban is pictured giving out a R4L Bible to Siyanda Cele, Grade 9 of Gugulabasha High school. On Siyanda’s right hand he is wearing “isiphandla” which is a cow skin worn by those who worship ancestors after performing a ritual to appease them. After Thomas gave a R4L lesson in Siyanda's class, he ran after him and asked, “sorry sir, you said Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, how is that possible if Jesus is not our ancestor?” Thomas shares that he sat with the young man during break for three weeks explaining salvation and Jesus to him. Siyanda has now given his life to Christ. Thandy says, "It is not going to be easy for him as his family is deep into ancestral beliefs, but we believe Siyanda will be kept safe in the arms of our loving Lord and his decision will be sustained." 
Lesotho Coordinator Continues the Work
Malintle Leoake, new Lesotho Coordinator, says, “All we can say is to God be all the glory for what is happening in Lesotho through the R4L program. Soon we will be travelling to Johannesburg for a workshop of how to grow the work here and just to learn from other successful coordinators there. We appreciate the books and the subsidies we receive. We plan to recruit more Peer Educators and spread to more schools and churches. It’s a huge task leading peer educators from different villages and towns but I learned a lot from Mama Tracy who was our previous team leader. I am excited to learn new things and above, just the opportunity to serve God in Lesotho.”
"I Knew I Was Lost"
Lefty Sontonga, age 16, from the Johannesburg R4L community club reports, “It’s been two years since I gave my life to the Lord through the R4L clubs. I had started hanging out with bad kids in my school. We were smoking weed and stealing from teachers. When a Peer educator came to our assembly and spoke about self-image, I knew there that I was lost. It was not easy in the beginning but now I have made new friends and I am doing better at school. I belong to the local church that was started for us kids who had no churches to go to. I love my new life in Christ.”
"My Favorite Part is..."
Andiswa Dlamini, Grade 8, Sigweje High, Ladysmith KZN. “Ten minutes before our R4L WhatsApp group chat starts, I go to my room, get my book ready and my phone then we start. I have 48 people in my group. I recruit them from school and the neighbourhood. My favourite part is when some one gives their lives to the Lord or shares a testimony of how the word has changed them. I thank the R4L team for the data (air time) each week, the mentoring and all the love we get from our Senior leaders, coordinators each week helping prepare.”  
R4L Zoom Classes on Campus
“My name is Lindokuhle, each week we organize a R4L Zoom class for all the students who are not at campuses due to Covid. It’s been going well. A huge learning curve for us as R4L Field workers. But thankfully the numbers are growing of those who are participating, and more campuses want to join as well. As a young person who loves telling people about Jesus, this has been a very valuable time in my life to lead R4L Zoom groups in my area.”   
R4L is Fun!
Thembelihle Masizane, Grade 10, Nobamba High school, Port Shepstone shares, “Being part of the R4L group in my school has been fun. I have made new friends who love the Lord, we pray together and help each other to understand some of the scriptures. When other teens are talking about going to parties and lying to their parents, I am learning about my value as a young girl, my education and mostly my relationship with Christ. My R4L book is special to me.”  
Saved the Best for Last!
Baby Musa had to spend a night in the hospital for jaundice but is doing better now. As noted above, his father, Emmanuel, just tested positive for Covid-19 so please pray that the family would stay well. Thanks for your prayers!
The current Rand exchange rate is now at 14.51 Rand per dollar.
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