As of 6/18/21, New York State will not require summer camp program attendees to have proof of COVID-19 testing nor COVID-19 vaccination prior to attending camp. Leatherstocking Council, BSA will be following the latest updates to the COVID-19 summer camp program requirements and not require COVID-19 testing or vaccination. We still encourage those who can get vaccinated to do so. Also, please rest assured that Leatherstocking Council, BSA will continue to produce safe and exciting programming this summer for all our amazing Scouts and Scouters.
Sign up for Escape Camp soon because registration ends Friday. We are thrilled to announce that we have enough registrations to proceed with Escape Camp at Henderson SR. If you plan on attending Henderson SR Escape Camp, then sign up as soon as you can. For those who have turned in Campership Applications, you still need to register for the event to have the Campership funding applied towards the event.
Sign up for Cub Scout Summer Camp at Camp Kingsley before registration closes!

New friends can't be downloaded, but they can be found at our safe and exciting Camp Kingsley. With swimming, archery, BMX bikes and more, you're not going to want to miss this year's Summer Camp. 🏕 Late fees have been waived, but sign up as soon as you can so you don't lose the chance to go to summer camp. SIGN UP TODAY!

Download the EVENT FLYER to hand out, send and post for all your unit to see so no one misses Summer Camp at Camp Kingsley!

Week 1: 7/21/21 - 7/25/21
Week 2: 7/28/21 - 8/01/21
Cub Scout Investigation
Join our Cub Scout Investigation (CSI) team to try and crack the case as we investigate the natural world. Cub Scouts will use the Squad Room, Booking Lab, Evidence room and more to discover and learn about the natural world around them. Sign up for Powderhorn District's CSI Day Camp today!

CSI Day Camp 1
Canastota, NY
July 26 - July 28

CSI Day Camp 2
Camden, NY
August 9 - August 11

Download the EVENT FLYER and post it at your next meeting, hand it out or send it to your unit.
Longhouse Council will be holding a National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) Course this summer at Camp Woodland from August 8th-13th. If you want to advance you unit's youth leadership, then NYLT is the perfect program for your unit. Register with the button below and download the event flyer here.
Join us for the 2021 Popcorn Kickoff on June 28th at 7pm! Click below for registration information.

Topics will include:
  • 2021 Products
  • Online sales
  • Show and sell ordering
  • Take order sales
  • Pay anywhere (credit card) account set up. 

Eagle Scouts
Eagle Boards of Review were happening everywhere last week. Congratulations to all of our latest Eagle Scouts. Fantastic job achieving the rank of Eagle, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next.

T-18 Little Falls: Garrett Lettow
T-14 New Hartford: David Bauer
T-14 New Hartford: Nolan Hyman
T-14 New Hartford: Zachary Gioppo
T-44 Gilbertsville: Shayne Christian
T-501 Esperance: Thomas Marten
T-50 Jefferson: Daniel Fallo
T-175 Trenton: Anthony Carrock

No better way to honor your new Eagle's achievements than by making them a James E. West Fellow! Additional information is available on the following link. New Eagle Scout parents may fulfill their pledge over three years.
Eagle Scout Scholarship
Attention new Eagle Scouts! JULY 30TH deadline to apply for the
Danforth & Marguerite Bolton Eagle Scout Scholarship.
Two Grants of $1,000 per year, for two years (one-time award, nonrenewable) are made available by the Danforth & Marguerite Bolton Eagle Scout Scholarship Fund. Known by everyone in the Oneonta community, Dan was a banking CEO and Marguerite was a teacher with a passion for collecting sea shells and rocks. They shared a true passion for supporting Scouting and loved all that the Council programs offered its youth membership. This scholarship and its deserving recipients honor the incredibly generous legacy they left behind.
The application to apply is available at the link below.

Who can apply?
Any Eagle Scout who earned their Award in the Leatherstocking Council and meets the following qualifications.
Applicants may have earned their Award at any time prior to their request. It is not limited to Scouts earning the Award in their senior year, but you must be a graduating senior to apply.
In order to qualify, you must:
1. Be a registered member of the Leatherstocking Council, BSA.
2. Be applying during your senior year of high school. Grants are awarded only to high school seniors graduating in the calendar year in which scholarships are presented. EXCEPTION: If your Eagle Scout
Board of Review was held between March 1st and July 31st of your graduating year, you need to apply during the spring of your first year of COLLEGE or POST HIGH SCHOOL TRADE OR TECHNICAL
PROGRAM. All other requirements remain the same.
3. Have demonstrated leadership ability in Scouting and a strong participation in extracurricular activities.
4. Possess a financial need.
5. Have the endorsement of a volunteer or professional Scout leader who knows you personally.
6. Application must be submitted by June 1, 2019.
Leatherstocking Council and Enchanted Forest Water Safari are partnering up again to give all of our amazing Scouts the chance to soak up great savings this summer. With the code LSBSA21, the first 1,000 people will save big when they purchase their tickets online. This awesome offer is valid for park visits through June 18th - July 2nd AND August 23rd - September 6th. Make sure you get this deal while it lasts and visit New York's largest water theme park this summer!
Promo Code: LSBSA21 
Adults ages 12 & up: $25.00 plus tax
Children ages 3-11: $23.00 plus tax
Children 2 and under: free
Discounted tickets must be purchased online with the promo code above and tickets need to be printed at home before arriving at the park. Valid only for any day between June 18th and July 2nd and between August 23rd and September 6th. No rain checks or refunds, Water Safari is not responsible for any lost, stolen or destroyed tickets.
Don't forget to hit the "PROMO CODE? CLICK HERE" button to enter LSBSA21 and get your savings!
Scout Menu Masters
Scouts BSA troops come together on June 26th to make 3 courses of food to be judged by our special guest judges. They must cook zero impact with no trace left behind. They will provide the ingredients required for their creations. Be the top cooking troop in ADK Foothills District! $5 per Scout for the patch. Leftovers will be donated to a local soup kitchen.
Membership Cards
Just a reminder that in 2019 the BSA decided to no longer provide paper membership cards due to all memberships being more efficiently and reliably stored on Scouting databases. However, the BSA allows anyone who would like to print off their paper membership card to do so through My Scouting. If you would like to print your membership card, here is a Membership Card PDF Tutorial to walk you through the process. This reminder is in response to the calls that Council HQ has been receiving lately about membership cards. We hope that this information helps our dedicated Scouters manage their memberships.
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The Council Trading Post has been having a hard time keeping this shirt on the shelf. If you are interested in this shirt, let us know and we can order it for you to pick up at the Council Trading Post.

Scout Store hours:
Tuesday: 9am-5pm
Wednesday: 9am-5pm
Thursday: 9am-5pm

Please allow us two business days to fulfill advancement orders. We cannot guarantee that your advancement order will be gathered if we do not receive two business days notice. Thank you.

(315) 735-4437
Cub Scout Crosby Leinhart, age 9, from Richfield Springs was recognized last week for his heroic actions during a family medical emergency. Crosby came home to find his dad amidst a seizure and acted quickly to call 911. He maintained his father’s safety and assisted him during the seizure until medical personnel arrived. The responding officers told his mother that he acted as a hero. His dad's health and well-being was a direct result of Crosby's immediate actions. He stayed calm, kept a level head, and acted appropriately. Adirondack Foothills District Executive Michael Molinaro of the Leatherstocking Council, Boy Scouts of America and Richfield Springs Superintendent Tom Piatti, presented Crosby Leinhart with a Certificate of Recognition for his heroism during a family medical emergency.

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“In Scouting you are combating the brooding of selfishness.”

~ Robert Baden-Powell
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