First, we hope that you and your family are safe and staying healthy. We continue to monitor guidelines regarding billing extensions and coverage guidelines in all states (both active and inactive) where we write policies. In certain states, there may be additional requirements, which we will follow.

For most of our states, the following processes have been put in place:

Extending the grace period for cancellation of policies for nonpayment an additional 30 days
We have suspended cancellations of policies for nonpayment for an additional 30-day grace period as of March 23, 2020. This is not a waiver of payments due during the suspension period, but an extension or grace period to pay premiums for those impacted by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Invoices will continue to reflect the scheduled payment due date.
Waiving late fees automatically
While our Customer Contact Center staff continues to have the authority to waive fees for both late payments and reinstatement, these waivers now occur automatically.
Adjusting payment plans, quickly and easily
In addition, our Customer Contact Center staff will continue to help customers adjust payment plans immediately over the phone.
For your information, we have developed a chart of state-specific COVID-19 emergency order directives and guidelines . Again, if a state has additional requirements, we are following those guidelines for that state.