A message from the Armenian Relief Society Eastern USA
to the East Coast Communities
The Armenian Relief Society Eastern USA, cares for its community members and asks all to take good care of themselves in these difficult times. Health and safety are of the utmost importance and we understand the potential severity of this illness for our community.

Our Chapters have postponed and canceled many of their events due to this pandemic, but this will not impact our ARS spirit. We are here to support each other.

Please follow all guidelines published by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, and 
focus on your health and safety.

Healthy individuals please reach out to your local American Red Cross, and make a  blood donation  appointment.

Thank you to all those working on the frontlines and reporting for duty during this time of need.

The Armenian Relief Society of Eastern US, Inc. salutes the men and women, including many of our ARS members, who are supporting the health of our communities through dedication and compassionate care.
During this time of isolation, ARS members in each community are ready to help the elderly and the needy as needed.

Please contact the ARS of Eastern USA Regional Office Tel: 617-926-3801
or Email: arseastus@gmail.com .
We will direct you to the appropriate member in your community.
Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA, Inc.
Board of Directors
“With The People, For The People”