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A message from Sterling Joseph, Owner of Sterling's Team Speed:

In response to the spread of COVID-19, Sterling's Team Speed would like to provide both resources for you to stay informed regarding the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus as well as let you know what preventative measures we are recommending you take when training in our facility as well as share with you what procedures we have put into place to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Resources about COVID-19

Center for Disease Control -
You can find information such as situation summaries, Cases in the U.S. Global locations with COVID-19 as well as risk assessment. Ways to prevent the illness and preventative steps can be found here as well.

World Health Organization -
The WHO website has similar information that you may find helpful.

What You Can DO

  • Wash your hands in our restrooms when you enter and exit our facility.
  • Bring a full water bottle.
  • If you or your child are sick, please stay home and skip your training session.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
  • Refrain from touching your face. Your eyes, nose and mouth are places where the virus can spread more easily.
  • If you are traveling outside of the country between now and the end of April, we ask that you do not resume training with us until 2 weeks following your trip.

What Sterling's Team Speed is Doing

  • Our equipment and weights are cleaned after every use by both individuals and teams with Clorox disinfecting wipes and well as with a hospital grade aerosol cleaning spray. Paper towels are used with the spray and all cleaning material is thrown away after each use.
  • In addition and as always, our coaching staff is each assigned areas of our facilities that they are required to clean. We have increased the frequency of cleaning.
  • We have signs on all of our equipment requiring anyone who uses them to disinfect them with the Clorox Wipes and Spray provided.
  • As we have always had, we have a professional cleaning service that cleans our facility.

Thus far, we are fortunate that COVID-19 does not seem to be as detrimental to our youth population but we do feel that it is our responsibility to keep those that are at higher risk safe as well. It is our priority to be mindful of not only how this can impact our young clients but how it can impact those more vulnerable in our society. We hope to do our part in protecting our clients, their families and the community.

Thank you for your time,

Sterling Joseph, Owner, Sterling's Team Speed