In an effort to reduce viral spread, The Firehouse is discontinuing its volunteer program until April 6th. However, we need your support now more than ever! We can accept donations at our loading dock from 7am-6pm. Our address is 626 2nd Ave North Birmingham, AL, 35203. Pull into the loading dock and call 205-403-5587 and we will be happy to receive your donation. THANK YOU for supporting the homeless during this unsettling time.
1. Milk
2. Cereal
3. Eggs
4. Bread
5. Sandwich meat
6. Brown bags for lunches
7. Individual bags of chips
8. Snacks
9. Easy to prepare meals- hot dogs/buns, frozen pizza, large quantities of soup or casseroles
10. #10 cans
11. Lysol
12. Gloves (medical)
13. Cleaning wipes
14. Board games, decks of playing cards, art supplies
15. Financial Donations!