When a person dies, relatives and friends show their support by attending the funeral or memorial service. Losing a beloved pet is one of life's most painful experiences and yet our society does not offer a grieving pet owner some type of recognized ceremony to help acknowledge this loss. Pet owners often feel isolated in their grief, and are without the support they so desperately need, and it raises the question, "Why don't we have funerals for our pets?"
Recognizing that need, Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation hosts a Pet Memorial Sunday event for those who are suffering such a loss. Over the past 15 years, families have found a great deal of comfort participating in this unique service as they pay respect to their beloved best friend.

COVID and the social distancing that is necessary to keep everyone safe has forced a re-thinking of how Pet Memorial Sunday will be presented. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation will still present “Words of Tribute” written by your family to commemorate and remember the life of your special pet. We also are planning to have the release of white doves to symbolize our ability to let go of our beloved companions. While the event will be somewhat different from years past, it seems more important than ever to have this ceremony to give us a way to express our love, our grief, and our gratitude.

Participating in this memorial, you will be in a loving, comforting and safe atmosphere with others, albeit from a distance, who understand and are experiencing the grief you are going through. As plans become finalized, details of how to participate will be sent in the July Newsletter.

Stay safe and either
reach for support if you need it
or offer support if you can.