February 26, 2021
Dear Guild Community:
As the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic approaches, I am eager to share positive news with you. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the level of COVID infection within our community for the entire month of February. Specifically, The Guild has conducted 593 surveillance tests yielding three positive results. In other words, The Guild’s positivity rate is at 0.52 percent. That’s the lowest it has been for this duration since the beginning of the pandemic! 
While the danger is not over, we are eager to think ahead to a point at which we can manage the virus successfully. A big part of that management plan is vaccination. At this point, The Guild has experienced initial vaccination success thanks in large part to Maureen Costello-Shea, our Health Services’ Team, and our partners at Pelmeds Pharmacy. As of today, I am happy to report the following vaccinations:
As more of The Guild’s residents, students, and staff receive full vaccination, we expect that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state authorities will release new guidance on how to proceed with close contacts and quarantining procedures. In the meantime, The Guild will continue to follow current guidance on quarantines.
Guild Residential Quarantine: A Guild residence house-wide quarantine will be for 10 days, provided that all of the following are satisfied: 

·  No residents or employees at the house have experienced any symptoms up to that point. 
·  On the 8th day of quarantine, residents take a COVID test and the results are all negative. 
·   All residents and employees conduct active monitoring through day 14 and self-isolate if new symptoms develop. 

Guild Day Students: Guild day students who are in quarantine due to close contact exposure are eligible to return to school after 10 days provided that the following are satisfied: 

·  The Guild day student has not experienced any symptoms. 
·  On the 8th day of quarantine, the student takes a COVID test, and the result is negative. 
·  The student conducts active monitoring through day 14 and self-isolates, if new symptoms develop.

Again, we are awaiting updates to these procedures from state and federal authorities for individuals and residents who have obtained full COVID-19 vaccination. Until then, we are required to proceed with current guidance. We will keep you abreast of any developments as they arise. 

As always, if you have questions or thoughts you’d like to share, please contact The Guild’s leadership team or me directly.

Take care,
Amy C. Sousa, Chief Executive Officer
Email: asousa@guildhumanservices.org / Cell: 781-330-5189