Dear Guild Community,
With recent policy changes at the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, The Guild will conduct COVID surveillance testing of all staff weekly, no matter their vaccination status. Weekly testing of residents and students is not required at this point.

Additionally, anyone entering any Guild facility must continue to wear a mask, again no matter their vaccination status. This includes families visiting group homes. Residents need not wear a mask in their own homes.

Finally, The Guild continues to offer the Pfizer COVID vaccine to any student, resident, staff member or family member over the age of 12. Please contact Maureen Costello-Shea, if you wish to schedule a vaccination. Please note that the CDC has not approved booster shots yet. Therefore, The Guild can only facilitate first and second shots. If and when the CDC approves booster shots, The Guild will provide information on how to access them.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about these updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to members of The Guild’s leadership team or me directly.

Amy C. Sousa, Ph.D. 
Chief Executive Officer