Tapping for COVID Concerns
Do you have fears and concerns regarding the coronavirus?
Do you feel vulnerable, isolated, helpless?
Are you able to cope with the uncertainty and worry?

EFT Tapping can help you to stabilize and reduce your stress levels.

Emotional Freedom Techniques
Tapping seminar

EFT is truly a powerful self-help
tool. It involves acupoint stimulation 
on various points on the face, 
torso and hands, using our 
fingertips to tap.

When our body is reacting to
stress, an EFT tapping inter-
vention can help calm the
amygdala - the brain’s fear
center - because Tapping
facilitates the release of our
body’s calming chemicals.
This sends a soothing signal
from the body to the brain,
which then allows us to feel
more relaxed and able to
self-regulate our emotions.
And the BIG bonus is that our
immune system is enhanced 
by this shift in physiology and 
emotional states.
This group EFT Tapping seminar 
will focus on transforming beliefs,
thoughts, and emotions related
to coronavirus.

We will tap for overactive thinking,
apprehension about being in public
places, concern about contracting
the virus, financial fears, changes
and adaptations to our routines. 

We’ll also tap for wearing a mask,
breathing comfortably, and reducing
hand to face contact. 

As well, we’ll tap on our feelings 
about other people’s CV-19 behavior
choices that may not coincide with
We will tap on the traditional EFT
points, as well as learn several
alternate, covid-19-safe EFT
tapping points. 

The 1 hour virtual seminar
on Zoom is scheduled for
Thur Sept 24 at 7:00 pm.

Cost is $20.00.

To register, click on the Paypal
button HERE and indicate you
want to attend the EFT seminar.

After registering, a link and
seminar materials will be
emailed to you. Registration
must be completed before
3:00 pm on the day of the

Contact Kathryn:
All hypnosis CDS $7.00
Because I have made an
adaptation and switched
to all virtual classes now,
I am liquidating all of my
physical hypnosis audio

They are now $7.00 each,
normally $20.00, until the
stock is exhausted. S&H

More details HERE .
Upcoming Seminars

Another adaptation I've
made is to change the
length of all seminars
to adjust to people's
ability to focus during
this extraordinary time.

Look for a 1 hour format
in future seminars, instead
of 1.5 hours.

Details to come shortly on
these seminars:
  • Past Life Regression
  • Sleep Soundly

More details HERE

Revolutionize Your

As mentioned in my last
newsletter, I have learned
a new hypnosis technique
that has the potential to
transform all of your rel-
ationships. You can read
it HERE. Look under the
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You can experience this
process for only $99.00
during September.

Here is another testimonial
for the process:
Kathryn skillfully and naturally
connected me to a pattern I had
been resisting for over 20 years.
She held the space for me to
explore why I may be holding
onto this outgrown relationship
from a few different perspectives
until I (my subconscious) was
truly ready to release & transmute.
She guided me like I was on
a tour of my own beliefs & I felt
the freedom of letting go of what
no longer serves me. Three
weeks later, I was having a
pleasant 'neutral' lunch with
my former husband. I was
able to get myself unhooked.
I feel free to be more of me.
I am grateful for this Gentle
profound experience. 

Call to schedule your session:

To Your Very Good Health -


"Each morning we are
born again. What we do
today is what matters
~ Buddha
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