I have some regrettable news to share in regards to COVID and the new Omicron variant. Unfortunately this also relates to an exposure that congregants may have had attending worship on Christmas Eve.

Last week I was informed that I had been exposed to someone with confirmed COVID. In precaution, I quarantined for the recommended quarantine length. Leading up to December 24th, I took three daily diagnostic tests to ensure I was negative and able to attend worship.


On Christmas Day I woke up feeling under the weather, and throughout the day, I felt progressively worse. I decided to take a fourth test at an Urgent Care. Unfortunately, that test came back positive.

My case is mild, and it will hopefully pass relatively easily. However, I want to be sure we are caring for others in our church and doing whatever we can to keep our church family healthy and safe.

Be assured that all in attendance at Christmas Eve worship were masked. The routine COVID protocols were in place. However, our best line of defense against the virus is a vaccination. We strongly encourage you to receive your vaccination and boosters if you have not done so. If you have not received a vaccine, you are invited to attend worship online.

Given the large impact that Omicron is having, the number of breakthrough cases occurring, and how this particular incident will impact our congregation, for at least the next two weeks, Sunday worship will be as follows:

  • One Sunday worship at 9:30 AM on both the 2nd and the 9th of January.
  • The Service will be on Zoom. A Zoom link will be shared in the Red Door, on the website, and on Social Media. You can launch the Sunday service the same way you'd access any Zoom appointment or meeting. (Please be sure to download Zoom to your home computer if you have not done so yet.)
  • We will use a spoken Liturgy of the Word (Ante Communion) for worship with no Holy Communion

Please pay attention to parish communications over the next few days for more updates and access to service materials.

I am sad that this is the situation we are faced with during the holidays, and I recognize that this is an inconvenience in the midst of your celebrations and family gatherings. Yet, I pray that everyone stays healthy and COVID negative.

I encourage you to reach out to your doctors and seek their medical advice pertaining to this exposure and your risk.

As always. we will get through this. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You may reach me via email

In Gratitude for you, 

Fr. Devin