COVID Employee Resources
In preparation for the fall semester, we wanted to share a few additional resources to help employees answer some of the common questions that have been received since the Roaring Back plan was developed. Complete information and details about the Roaring Back plan are available online.

Leave Options
Due to the ever changing nature of the pandemic, we know that employees may need to use leave for various reasons during the semester. In addition to paid sick leave, vacation, shared leave, and FMLA available to benefit eligible employees, there are additional COVID-specific leave options available for both benefit-eligible and non-benefit eligible employees to use. These leave options are intended to support employees in staying home if needed to care for themselves or others due to illness, self-isolation/quarantine, health risks, childcare closures or other reasons. If remote work is not possible and you need to use leave, please work with your supervisor to determine the best leave option for your situation. Contact HR (208) 282-2517, or to discuss appropriate leave on a case-by-case basis.

COVID-19 Testing For Employees
At this time, ISU is not considering wide scale, required COVID-19 testing for employees. However, COVID-19 testing for employees and students may be used in contact tracing efforts after exposure in coordination with regional health districts. For testing related to contact tracing, this can be conducted at no cost to the employee either through billing of health insurance, or working with the local health district who may authorize testing. Repeated testing efforts can only verify the presence or absence of the virus at a single moment in time, and unfortunately, there is currently a significant lag time in receiving testing results and availability of testing supplies. Therefore, employees monitoring their own symptoms, staying home if they or others in their households are feeling sick or have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infected individual, and following other precautions (face coverings, physical distancing, etc.) has a greater impact on the health of our campus than mass testing efforts. However, efforts are also underway to explore options for more rapid-result COVID-19 testing options. If these become available, they may be used for testing of acute illness or for specific employee or student situations as warranted. For questions related to COVID-19 testing, please contact the ISU COVID-19 Hotline (208) 282-2705, or

Telework Arrangements
Employees who were working remotely on a short-term basis due to University closures did not previously have to complete Telecommuting Applications and Agreements. Now that we have transitioned back to in-person classes, as part of our Roaring Back Rebound efforts, faculty and staff who plan to continue working remotely due to their self-identifying as being part of a higher-risk, vulnerable population of employees should work with their supervisor to complete and submit a Telecommuting Application. Telecommuting applications are not needed for employees who are working remotely on a part-time basis due to a staffing rotation/schedule. Rather, this process is intended to formalize the telecommuting arrangement for the benefit of both the employee and supervisor for situations where employees who did not primarily telework pre-COVID-19 are transitioning to a primarily remote-based work environment. For specific questions reading the telecommuting application process, or to discuss specific situations, contact HR (208) 282-2517, or

Travel Guidelines
University travel guidelines have been updated to support understanding of expectations, approvals, and processes for University travel, and self-isolation protocols related to essential business or personal travel. Please review these travel procedures. For specific questions related to travel or self-isolation following business or personal travel, contact the ISU COVID-19 Hotline (208) 282-2705 or

Interruptions to Daycare or School Services
If daycare or school services are not available due to COVID-19 outbreaks or closures, employees should work with their supervisors to discuss what alternatives may be appropriate. In some cases, employees may be able to work remotely during the closure. In cases of temporary remote work arrangements, completion of a Telecommuting Application and Agreement is not needed. If remote work is not a possibility, employees should work with their supervisors to identify appropriate leave options for their situation. Contact HR (208) 282-2517, or to discuss appropriate leave on a case-by-case basis.

Continued Use of the Health Exception Form
The Health Exception Form has been used throughout the summer to help faculty and staff safely hold in-person classes and campus events. The Health Exemption Form should continue to be used for all events and instructional activities that meet any of the following requirements: 

  • 6 feet physical distancing is not possible 
  • The gathering has more attendees than allowed per university operational level
  • It is not possible to wear face-coverings
  • Gatherings where food may be distributed

The COVID-19 Health Committee will review each submission and work with the submitter to design the safest instructional activities and campus events possible.

Campus Events
For groups that need to move campus events to an online environment the following resources may be helpful:

  • ITRC has compiled information for remote learning. 
  • Student organizations and student events can contact the Student Engagement & Leadership Center at 208-282-3451 for consultation in hosting online events.

If a campus event needs to be canceled due to COVID-19, the following template can be used to send cancellation announcements: 

“Idaho State University continues to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, and the safety and well-being of our entire campus community, including visitors, is our top priority. The University is strictly following guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and state and local health officials. Due to these guidelines, (INSERT EVENT) has been (CANCELLED/POSTPONED/AMENDED). Please contact ( NAME) if you have any questions or need additional information. (IF APPLICABLE, INSERT REFUND INFORMATION) 
Please note that the University leadership team is meeting regularly to monitor and discuss the ongoing situation, with our highest priority to keep our campus community safe and healthy.”
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