More than 100,000 North Koreans working in China, Russia, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East have been unable to return home due to North Korea’s COVID lockdown.

In fact, we've already distributed over 4,500 digital and print Bibles to these NK workers!

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley and Dr. Foley

Surprisingly, the Russian government doesn't normally grant permission for Protestant Churches to construct buildings for worship or even allow them to rent spaces.

Due to the incorrect papers (which are virtually impossible to get) of the Samara Good News Church and a separate violation of a building code, the authorities decided to proceed to demolish the church. They started by removing the bell tower and cross from the church.

One of the key lessons we've learned, both from the Reformation and from persecuted Christians, is that only God is good!

As Christians, we don't become better people over time, rather we simply learn to trust in the goodness of God.

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Continue to pray for the four  Chinese  individual that were found guilty in relation to the selling and producing of Bible players.
They all received different sentences, but Fu Xuanjuan received the longest (6 years). Please pray for each of them and their families and for the Lord to guide their next steps.