Agents & Haulers of National Forwarding Co., Inc. and National Van Lines, International Division & Affiliates

Angela Beusse, Director, Agent & Business Services

COVID Health Protection Protocol Reminders
On March 28, 2022, USTRANSCOM issued PP Advisory #22-0046. The guidance in this Advisory are the current COVID Health Protection Requirements, and this memo serves as a reminder to continue following the requirements.

General Guidance
Per USTRANSCOM, the customer is empowered to decide who enters their residence and question moving company personnel on their adherence to COVID-19 Health Protection Protocols. However, the moving crews and drivers have the same right to question the customer's adherence to protocol. If there are any concerns, either party should contact the local personal property office.

Mask Requirements
Mask-wearing protocols are based on the CDC's COVID-19 Community Levels tool. This tool allows the user to see COVID-19 levels by County. The level indication (LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH) of the County where a DP3 shipment will be serviced determines the required Health Protection Protocols. If you're unsure which Level a shipment falls into, please consult the CDC's Community Levels Tool.

When the applicable COVID-19 Community Level is LOW or MEDIUM, masks are not required in the residence for DOD customers, family members, or any TSP personnel.

When the applicable COVID-19 Community Level is HIGH, masks are required for all DOD customers, family members, and any TSP personnel, regardless of vaccination status.

For OCONUS shipments, all parties must adhere to guidance provided by local or state authorities.

COVID Form Requirements
The TSP Certificate of COVID-19 Health Protection Protocols (COVID Form) is always required. The Form must be completed by all crew members and presented to the customer BEFORE beginning any work in residence, regardless of COVID-19 Community level. NFC sends this form with the customer's information to our agents and haulers when shipments are accepted, and we will continue to do so as long as it is required by USTRANSCOM. Please ensure that you are receiving and using Version 3 of the form.

If you have any further questions regarding this advisory, please contact
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