As COVID is still prevalent in our community, our children and student ministry leaders plan to continue offering safe ministry opportunities to you and your students. In hopes of providing this safe environment, we are asking for your help. Please read the guidelines below as we are trying to be as cautious as possible by helping to inform our families of any possible COVID exposure.


  • Each ministry area will take attendance for each event, i.e. Sunday School, CORE groups, GodSquad, etc. in order to enable better contact tracing for our families. 

  •  If your son/daughter is exhibiting any COVID related symptoms, please do not send them to the event. 

  •  If your son/daughter attends one of our events and within 72 hours begins showing COVID symptoms or tests positive for COVID, we ask that you please contact Chrissy Ruehl for children and Jason Wade for students at the numbers below.

  • We understand how difficult it is to acknowledge a COVID exposure. Because of this concern, we will hold any information given to us with utmost confidence and will NOT share the name of any child, student, or adult that reports symptoms or could potentially test positive. In an effort to protect our families, we can then inform those involved of a possible COVID exposure from one of our gatherings. In helping to maintain a safe environment we are asking for your help and thank you for working with us to keep other families safe as well. 


Thank you for doing your part in helping us stop the spread of COVID and allowing our ministries to continue.



Rev. Chrissy Ruehl 

(386) 848-0862


Rev. Jason P. Wade

(770) 289-4039