Update from the COVID-19 Protocol Team:

In-Person Worship is Back! What Does That Look Like?

Thursday, February 10, 2022

We are delighted to return to in-person worship at 11:00 am this Sunday, February 13th!

As numbers remain high, we will require proof of vaccination and matching ID to attend services this weekend, and high-quality masks will be required for all in attendance (we have ones to provide, if needed).

The COVID Protocol Team has met and updated the protocols, which you will see below. Our goal is to remain safely open as much as possible, as we've missed church as much as all of you have, and we know it's time for everyone to be together as safely as possible once again.

In addition to re-opening the church for services, we'll also have the church doors open during the lunch hour (12-1:30 pm) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until Holy Week. We'll have prayer resources available, and you might even get to sit in on our Music Director’s rehearsal time!

Here are some highlights to the updates:

  1. When numbers are in the Community Caution (as they are currently) stage, we'll be asking all who attend to show proof of vaccination. At lower levels, we'll strongly recommend that everyone be up-to-date on their COVID vaccination (according to recommendations by the CDC) if they wish to attend services. If anyone is in need of a vaccine or booster, we can help you get one – please ask!
  2. We will continue wearing masks in church. A member of our team has secured 3,000 KN95 masks (yay!), so we have them available for your use if you don't have them. These are the safest masks (along with N95 and KF94 masks) to use at this time. Children’s masks are also available.
  3. We will not require pre-registration or checking in at the door. Our capacity will increase to 125.
  4. We will return service to the Holy Eucharist (communion) this weekend. We'll continue to offer bread to everyone in their pews. We'll continue to look into safe ways to share communion wine and the best time to re-introduce this to the community, but we don't believe it's safe just yet. At the same time, we'd like to offer wine to one person each week (as we must bless a small amount of wine during the Eucharist). If you're interested in receiving the wine on behalf of the entire congregation, please sign up by clicking here.
  5. We will continue to stream the service on our website, Facebook, and upload to YouTube on Mondays, so if you're not yet ready or able to come to the church, you can still participate in the service and be part of the community.
  6. Children and Youth are welcomed (we miss you!) to join us any time (note that vaccination requirements will apply to children and youth, when we are checking, so bring their cards with you)! We'll have opportunities for children and youth who are up-to-date on their COVID vaccines to participate in programming in person, and we'll have more information about that in the coming weeks.
  7. As weather permits, we'll enjoy outdoor fellowship and treats following the service. If you're interested in hosting one of these fellowship hours, please let us know! Email

The Protocol Team will continue meeting every two weeks until Easter to begin planning for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, and we'll give updates after these gatherings on Thursday.

We are so excited to welcome you back to the church! See you soon!

The Rev. Rachel Wenner Gardner

on behalf of the COVID Protocol Team:

Sally Griffith, Simson Hui, Greg Maughan, Ashley Ritter, The Rev. John Gardner, Oscar Gunther, ex-officio, Michael Uftring, ex-officio

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