Dear Residents,

We continue our efforts in keeping health safety our top priority. As we look forward to the start of a new school year, we want to answer many of the questions that you may have in regards to COVID-19 and your lease with Madbury Properties.
Q: Is my apartment building open?

Yes, all tenant services are being maintained and you have the right to access your unit at any time. You are obligated to pay your rent through the term of your Lease whether you are occupying the apartment or not.
Q: What measures are you taking in relation to COVID-19 and health safety?

The safety of our staff, residents, and local community is our top priority. Accordingly, we have adopted the recommended social distancing hygiene and sanitizing practices for residents and our team members. The following procedures are in place:
  • We are actively sanitizing our public areas (office, gym, elevators, lobbies, common area laundry rooms, etc.).
  • Residents will be REQUIRED to wear face coverings when outside their apartments/houses and when inside any common areas in our properties.
  • Hand sanitizer and face masks will be provided throughout our property for resident use.
  • Our staff practices social distancing, hygienic recommendations, and wears face coverings as outlined by the CDC. Our office will be regularly cleaned and open for visits by residents for tenant services.
  • Preferred communication between residents and staff are through virtual streams to limit person-to-person exposure (phone calls, e-mails, web chat).
  • We encourage the use of our secure drop box located to the right of our Leasing Office door for residents to drop off rent checks or other important documents to our staff.
Q: Can I use a cart to move in my belongings?

Yes, carts are available for residents at Madbury Commons. They will be located in the central lobby areas. These carts will be used at your own risk and we suggest using disinfectant and gloves when handling our moving carts.
Q: If I get a package shipped to Madbury Commons, where do I pick it up?

Please use the mailbox key issued to your apartment to check your mailbox, which is located in the lobby of your building. If a package is larger and being delivered by USPS, there may be a key inside of your mailbox which opens a lower, larger, parcel locker containing the package.
If your package has been delivered to our office, please wait for our text notification alerting you we have received the package. If you believe a package may have been delivered to our office and have not received a notification from us, please call our office line 603-452-7030 or email requesting that our staff confirm we have your package before entering the office. Our staff will not ask for a physical signature from you when you pick your package up and we will manually sign the package out for you. These procedures will help us greatly reduce our foot traffic and adhere to safety guidelines.
Q: Is the fitness center open?

Our fitness center is open for tenant use with restrictions as listed below. As with all common areas, the fitness center is being regularly cleaned. Please understand that use of the fitness center is at your own risk and residents should take individual safety precautions.
  • Our fitness center is open from 8am-8pm; 7 days/week
  • Residents must schedule work-out times and machines in advance
  • The fitness center limits capacity to 4-people.
  • Every other treadmill/machine will be unavailable for use, allowing for distanced exercise.
  • There will be hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes provided for required use before and after using equipment.
  • Water fountains will be unavailable for use.
  • Face coverings and hand sanitizer will be accessible (free of charge) throughout our property when possible.

To schedule a workout time please click the link below and select an available time! (Save this link for future use, or visit or website and view on our menu!)
Q: What maintenance protocol's do you have in place to keep residents safe?

If a resident submits a maintenance request, our staff will cautiously help resolve the issue, taking the following measures:

  • Maintenance personnel will loudly knock on resident doors, clearly alerting of entry (we suggest residents wear masks during this time if possible).
  • Maintenance personnel will wear masks and gloves when inside units.
  • Maintenance will use proper protective equipment, when applicable.

Prior to a maintenance member entering an apartment, we will ask the resident three questions:

  • Has anyone in the apartment/house traveled internationally?
  • Does anyone in the apartment/house have a fever or other symptoms?
  • Is anyone in the apartment/house been in proximity of another person who is symptomatic?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes," the team member can politely refuse to enter the apartment home. MPM will decide if the work should be completed while the resident is not in the home or if it should be rescheduled for a later date after the isolation period has passed.
Q: What should residents do if they think they have been exposed to the virus or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?

If a resident thinks they have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop flu-like symptoms, we are advising that they immediately contact their healthcare provider and follow their instructions. Additionally, we recommend that students contact us and the University of New Hampshire to be referred to guidelines provided by university and local health officials. 
Q: What if my roommate gets sick?

If you believe your roommate to be sick, have them contact their healthcare provider immediately, and continue following CDC-recommended cleanliness and social distancing guidelines. If your roommate has not contacted their healthcare provider, please let us know and we will contact the university and/or local health officials to determine the appropriate protocol. The healthcare provider will work with local health departments to provide additional instructions and manage the response to any suspected cases of COVID-19.
Our staff will coordinate with local and UNH health officials as needed and follow their directions regarding mitigation measures or quarantine protocols. For more information on local quarantine protocols, you may contact your local or UNH health officials directly.
We continue to take additional measures to safeguard our residents and preserve our ability to operate; increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public areas, following CDC guidelines for hygiene and social distancing, and promoting online rent payments.

We will remain in contact with additional information soon!

Madbury Property Management