Dear Beacon Family,

WHAT A GREAT SUNDAY WE HAD!   I wish we could gather to hear stories, but I am working on a way to do that.   This crisis will only deepen and lengthen.  As you know, we are currently limited to group of 10 max, but even that is not recommended.  At this point it looks like we wont be gathering in larger groups until the end of April at the earliest, which means we will not be together for Resurrection Day (Easter April 12).   Our plan is that the first Sunday we can gather together will be our make up Resurrection Day and Potluck celebration!  

In the meantime, our  GO>> COMMUNITIES  are perfectly fitted for responding to this crisis.  We have always said that our 1 st  Responders.  Now, more than ever that is true.  
So how do you function as a community in a COVID Crisis? 
  1. I will be following up people and directing them into communities if they are not already connected.  
  2. Pay particular attention to those who are isolated or alone/single.  Offer any assistance they may need. 
  3. DNA GROUPS: Make sure you are connected with a DNA group.
  • Make sure your DNA group has a way to meet online (below)
  • Make sure you know how to do a Bible Study together (ie. use Lectio Divina)
  • If you are not in a DNA group, contact your Community Leader or
  • Like last week, The Sunday team will be posting a weekly worship liturgy (with musical playlists) on YouVersion Events each week for those who want an outline.
  • I will not be preaching online anymore.  This crisis allows us to practice what we preach and get practice being the underground church.  This means that with the liturgy online you will have all the tools you need to disciple your family.  If you don't know how, then this crisis will cause you to ask.  We have resources for you.  The most basic thing to learn is the Lectio Divina.  We will include directions for how to do a Bible Study/Lectio Divina.  Again, this is nothing new.  We guided you through this last Fall. If you have been using it already in your DNA groups this will be easy.  It is simple to get the hang of. 
  • Use www.NEXTDOOR.COM :
  • let your neighbors know you are willing to run errands or deliver food or supplies to them.  
  • Post times when they can drive by for prayer.
  • Seems like those who can make masks might be useful.  If you have sewing skills, find a pattern online and get to work.  We can donate them to fire, police, & hospitals.   If you do, the Beacon can help buy fabric.
  • Be on the lookout for people who are in need financially as many are losing their jobs. 

We have an increasing army of prayer warriors and will be scheduling 
  • a weekly online prayer community together and connecting with other prayer communities.
  • As you wash your hands throughout the day, we invite you to take that time to pray for families, our country, leaders, first responders, medical professionals, for those who are sick, and for protection over the vulnerable in our community.
MINISTRY DOESN'T END!  Please continue to give their tithes as we continue to have expenses.   Just yesterday I had to run to respond to a request for help for a homeless couple living in their vehicle who needed housing and help with their car.   Your ongoing giving helps this and everything we do as a community.  People can give:
  • Online Bill Pay through your bank – free!
  • Online through our website:
  • Mail directly to the office: 1100 Town and Country St. Suite 1250 Orange, CA 92868
We have a special fund to help those in need during this time as well.  Giving can be designated to that fund over and above your regular tithe. 
Here is a schedule of how we can keep in touch during this crisis:
SUNDAY:   Worship Liturgy (with music) will be posted on YOUVERSION EVENTS.  We encourage you to use GOOGLE HANGOUTS or another platform to gather your community. 
MONDAY: Community Group leader briefing using GOOGLE HANGOUTS
  • eCatalyst
  • Online Prayer Meeting using GOOGLE HANGOUTS
THURSDAY: Weekly Video Update/Devotional posted on Social Media
  • Online Adult Bible Study using GOOGLE HANGOUTS
  • Online Children’s Study using RIGHT NOW MEDIA taught by Beacon teachers
  • The hosts need invite people to the study so they will need to let us know if they are interested in joining. 

Your can reply all if you have questions you think everyone would be interested in. Otherwise, I will invite you to a conference call on Monday. Please respond with the time of day that works best for you. 
GO>> COMMUNITY LEADERS will be in touch with you with details, but here are their contact numbers:
  • IRVINE NORTH & SOUTH       CALL: 469-952-9848
  • COASTAL OC/Costa Mesa
  • CALL: 949-400-7163
  • CALL: 714-356-2093
  • EAST ORANGE/THE HILLS             
  • CALL: 714-470-2434
  • NORTH ORANGE                             CALL: 949-378-9218
  • NORTH ORANGE COUNTY                             
  • CALL: 626-221-8967