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On October 30th, I requested clarity from NSW Health in regards to density rules around school camps, in particular as to whether school camps needed to apply the 4 sqm rule in any regard.

Yesterday (November 25th), I received the following reply from the NSW Health Mass Gatherings Team. The delay in receiving this response is naturally disappointing.

"I apologise for the delay in responding, we have received a significant number of public enquiries. 
The Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 5) 2020 requires certain premises, including caravan parks and camping grounds, to have a COVID-19 safety plan that addresses the matters in a checklist approved by the Chief Health Officer. 
As noted below, communal areas of caravan parks and camping grounds have a maximum capacity of one visitor per 4 square metres of space (excluding staff).
If the students participating in a school camp offered at the camp centre, caravan park or camping ground are from the same usual cohort group at school (e.g. class, year group or stage), they do not need to comply with the 4 square metre rule. If the group includes students from different cohort groups or schools, then there should be sufficient space to ensure one person per 4 square metres of space. 
In line with the updated advice for schools from NSW Health, students should stay within their relevant cohort group (class, year group, or stage) for all activities to limit close contacts to the relevant student cohort. Adults should maintain physical distancing at all times."

Beyond this, I note that the NSW Government announced the easing of a number of restrictions yesterday, including a reduction to the density rules to 2sqm for “hospitality venues” that are 200sqm or less in size. As with many rules that are COVID-19 related, the application of this is somewhat ambiguous. I am waiting for the issuing of an amended Public Health Order to be able to clearly understand how these new rules can be applied. Based on previous notifications, it is likely that this new Public Health Order may not be released until November 30th. As a reminder, a Public Health Order is the legal instrument the NSW Government has used to regulate the rules around COVID-19.

As always please make contact with me if you require further clarity.


Graeme Janes