Coronavirus Update #198
HFAM Update, Eurofins, Diamond Labs

First, thank you for all you and your teams are doing as we enter this latest COVID-19 surge in Maryland and across the nation. The current increase of positive cases is growing more rapidly than previous surges. Every indication shows that these coming months could be even worse than the spring. You and your teams are indeed healthcare heroes.

On a different and critically important note, the federal government warns of increased and imminent cybercrime threats, especially on healthcare systems. We have had severe cyberattacks on healthcare organizations here in Maryland this year. On the cyber front, I want to share this insightful article from Hartman Executive Advisors.

I trust and rely on Marie and Dave Hartman, Rob Kerr, Amy Solomon, and the entire team at Hartman Executive Advisors. And, I seriously worry about a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center or a hospital fighting COVID-19 and having all of their medical records and tech connections to partners systems vanish. So, please read this article, and give Amy Solomon a call or send her an email.

Amy Solomon
Vice President, Relationship Development
Hartman Executive Advisors
410.600.3325 – Direct
410.917.9870 – Cell


  • People first, quality counts.
  • Our sector MUST double our efforts on infectious disease protocol, staffing, PPE, observation, and testing.
  • Train, train, and train teams again on infectious disease protocol.
  • Recognize that COVID-19 fighting fatigue is an issue across the county, not just in our sector.
  • Overcommunicate with residents, patients, families, staff, and government partners.
  • Work with your hospital partners, and coordinate with local and state regulatory partners.
  • Take and document your action; keep a timeline
  • CLICK HERE for the Dr. Katz Video, and please see the Donning and Doffing Checklist we first distributed a couple of months ago.

I am proud of and counting on you and your teams as we are just beginning the most unfortunate fall/winter surge of COVID-19. Onward together, marathon and not sprint.

Be well,
Joe DeMattos
President and CEO
Quality Tips from HFAM Associate Member Eurofins:
Coronavirus Wastewater Testing as an early warning method of a potential SARS-CoV-2 outbreak
  • Studies demonstrate that the presence of the virus in wastewater can be a strong indicator of the presence of the virus in a given place or community, before any indication of symptoms in infected people
  • Through regular wastewater testing and on-going monitoring of your facility, you can add another indicator related to the potential presence of the virus within your teams and environment and tailor your additional testing programs
  • This is a non-invasive method of monitoring coronavirus outbreaks

Coronavirus Worn Mask Testing
  • Testing of disposable non-medial masks presents a unique opportunity to collect information about the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in a population such as a work shift, wing of facility or residents in a non-invasive way
  • Worn mask testing is not a replacement for clinical testing, however it offers additional tools and strategies to keep the residence / workplace safe and to reduce or avoid spreading the disease
  • Worn mask testing requires no health care professional for sampling, it is easy and cost effective
  • This is a non-invasive method of monitoring coronavirus outbreaks

  • Testing for coronavirus on surfaces can identify possible contamination in high-touch areas in your facility. It can also be a means to verify, validate, and monitor the effectiveness of your sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Contact surface testing also shows your residents, their loved ones, employees and stakeholders your concern for their safety and protects your brand
  • This is a non-invasive method of monitoring coronavirus outbreaks

For all of Eurofins' COVID-19 testing solutions, please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact
Karen Gerwitz at 716-206-9874 or
Testing Information from Eurofins

Eurofins, an associate HFAM member and trusted global network of over 800 laboratories is helping facilities comply with COVID-19 testing requirements for staff and residents by offering direct bill RT-PCR testing for $75 per test for HFAM members. This price includes:
  • Your choice of nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Test kits with the supplies needed to administer the testing, including pre-labeled return packaging materials
  • Physician ordering if needed
  • Priority shipping via FedEx of kits both to your facility and back to the lab for analysis
  • 48 hour testing turn-around time*
  • Access to our user-friendly portal for electric entering and reporting
Eurofins also offers this testing for third party billing at $100 per test upon request.

To set up your facility, or if you have any questions on the process, please contact Karen Gerwitz at or 716-206-9874. Make sure to reference that you are an HFAM member to get the above discounted rate.
*Clinical Enterprises reports 80% of test results out within 24 hours from time of receipt at the lab. Eurofins states a 48 hour turn-around time to give cushion and deliver on their commitment.
Diamond Medical Labs Testing

Diamond Medical Labs, located in Owings Mills, has the capacity to do in-residence test collection for nursing home residents and staff. We can count on Andy, Casey, and the team at Diamond. Also, they are happy to continue supporting HFAM members with COVID-19 testing at $75. Their average turn-around time is 24-27 hours on weekdays.

In addition, please see this additional information about other Diamond programs:

Contact Andy Diamond at or 443-992-2782 if there is demand at your center or if you would like additional information.
AHCA/NCAL COVID-19 Impact Survey - Due Today

Complete the AHCA/NCAL COVID-19 Impact Survey Today: AHCA/NCAL is asking providers (SNF, AL, ID/DD) to complete a 15-20 minute survey regarding COVID-19’s impact on your facility/company. Information from this survey will help AHCA/NCAL address questions from policymakers and advocate for ongoing resources to the profession. Read More
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Thank you.

We cannot thank you enough for the dedication and diligence in doing all that you can for the residents in your communities. HFAM continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic with our state and national partners and will do all we can to support you during this time.