COVID Safety Committee - Updated Masking Policy

CUUC Members and Friends,

Based on the prevailing conditions and COVID risk level in Westchester, the Board of Trustees has approved a move to a mask-optional policy as of Sunday’s service, March 12th. While all are still welcome to wear masks for their own personal safety, they will no longer be required for all service attendees. A few notes:

Of course, all decisions on continuing to wear masks should be made on a personal basis. For those concerned about risk of exposure, N95 or equivalent masks are still recommended. The N95 standard has been shown to provide excellent protection in exposed environments, far better than cloth or surgical masks provide. The COVID Safety committee continues to recommend N95 masks as the best protective measure in any shared space.

For those who would feel more comfortable maintaining social distance from unmasked members and guests, we will be leaving a section of sanctuary seating as “masking required,” as a test, and will evaluate its use over time to decide how long it will remain.

With this change, Coffee Hour will return to the Fireside Area – there will no longer be a reason to move it to a separate location after service.

“Masking optional” will also extend to RE classrooms at this time. While individual children, parents, and teachers will make their own decisions, there will no longer be a requirement to mask to attend RE.

Please also bear in mind that if you are ill, the best way to help your fellow congregants is to stay at home and take advantage of our online service option, which we plan to leave permanently in place!

As always, we will continue to monitor the public health situation and make further adjustments as necessary. Thanks to all for your patience and understanding as we’ve navigated the crisis over the past few years, and a special thanks to all who volunteered for the Reopening/COVID Safety Committee and tackled the tough conversations and issues.

COVID Safety Committee

Christian Force

Tim Lynch

Rebecca Kurth

Tom Wacht

Jane Dixon

Creighton Cray

Nicole Klemens

Tracy Breneman

Rev. Meredith Garmon