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COVID Vaccine Mandates and Approved vs. EUA Vaccine
COVID Vaccine Mandates
EUA vs. Licensed Vaccine--Bait and Switch
What You Don't Know, Can Kill You.
By Alice Buehring,
Integrative Spiritual Life Coach,
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Energy Healer, Master Herbalist
Retired Certified Counselor
Retired CFO of large Hospice and Home Health Agency
August 31, 2021
           Germany Halts Vaccine Use
In my studied view, our health freedom--the right to choose what happens to our body, is in serious jeopardy. Worse yet, we are being lied to and intentionally manipulated, jeopardizing our health and life.  
First, let me say I steadfastly support your right to choose your health care treatments, including choosing those COVID 19 vaccines if you want them—as well as the right to REFUSE them. I only hope those choices are fully informed.
Unfortunately, essential information, data, and statistics are being withheld from you. We are beset with mass propaganda, brainwashing, even grooming messages telling us the vaccines are safe and effective, so get your shot. Meantime, extreme, aggressive censorship of those who would provide vital, relevant, and truthful information operates at warp speed.
All this dangerous deception and manipulation has to stop!
Whyever would I say such a thing?
So, here is what I know so far—in my studied view:
Regarding The WA State COVID Vaccine Mandate
WA Gov. Jay Inslee's proclamation mandating the COVID vaccines for ALL state workers, contractors, volunteers, and health care providers and staff stands on a lot of untruthful WHEREAS foundations. This mandate is illegal. It violates constitutional rights, medical ethics, informed consent, and the Nuremberg Code.
One WHEREAS clause states that widespread COVID-19 vaccination is the PRIMARY means we have as a state to protect everyone. All the while, it explicitly leaves out any mention of the successful treatment protocols used around the world that have proven to be even more effective than these Emergency Use Approval (EUA) vaccines. Vital information is being hidden from you. (Yes, but vaccines are approved now, right? Please keep reading; I will get to that later.)
The truth is that many studies show that Ivermectin is a highly effective preventive and treatment for COVID. Currently, there are 60 published controlled trials, with 58 of them noting that there are tremendous benefits for using Ivermectin. Ivermectin is safe, cheap, highly effective, widely available, and deliberately suppressed. Some medical corporations have threatened their employee physician jobs because they had the ethics to prescribe what works. Some physicians have quit rather than violate their ethics. Such a group formed America's Frontline Doctors.
Interestingly enough, Ivermectin is also effective when treating the COVID vaccine injuries.
Some estimates suggest that 80% of those who have died of COVID may have lived if they had access to Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Budesonide, Vitamins A, C, D, Zinc, and other treatments. Eighty percent! In my studied view, deliberately suppressing that information and suppressing the physician’s ability to use it is criminal. 
Whyever would these effective, available therapies be suppressed?
Here is why: Not suppressing that information— in effect acknowledging that effective treatments exist, would make approving the EUA vaccines unlawful.—Oh, Oh. Plus, it seems these treatments do not provide the high level of profits Big Pharma wants out of this pandemic.
This point bears repeating. Legally, if you have a safe, effective, available drug to treat something, it is not legal to get an Emergency Use Authorization for an unapproved drug/vaccine. So, the EUA's were approved and effective treatments maligned and suppressed for illegal and fraudulent reasons by Big Pharma and all those they influence—government agencies, media, physicians, and the medical system.
So, this “primary means to protect” WHEREAS is a lie.
Another WHEREAS clause states these vaccines are also the primary means to protect our health care system from overload. Again, this is a lie for the same reasons noted above.
The worst WHEREAS states that these COVID 19 vaccines are safe and effective. This mantra is a colossal lie. The number of adverse events reported is more than from all other vaccines combined since 1986. Between 12/14/20 and 08/20/21, VAERS/CDC reports 13,627 deaths and 84,466 serious injuries, and 623,343 adverse events due to these vaccines, in the US alone.
Here are some of issues reported:
As bad as this looks, we are only beginning to see the carnage these vaccines are likely to create over the next few years due to antibody-dependent enhancement.
So, are these vaccines even effective?
The CDC already admits these EUA vaccines are not fully effective. They do not stop the vaccinated from getting the disease, nor do they stop the vaccinated from carrying a significant viral load and spreading the disease. One study validates that they can carry as much as 251 times the load carried by the unvaccinated. They may reduce the individual’s symptoms, though, with 9,716 breakthrough COVID cases of the fully vaccinated resulting in hospitalization or death as of August 16; this may be a questionable assertion. So these vaccines are making vaccinated individuals into super spreaders, which will perpetuate the pandemic. Meanwhile, the spread is generally blamed solely on the unvaccinated. Facts are irrelevant, it seems.
While the lack of effectiveness is evident, though not acknowledged, the lack of safety information is seriously denied publicly and hidden from you.
That same WHEREAS states that long-term side effects are rare. Rare? Really? The seriously under-reported VAERS system reports at least 13,627 deaths, 17,794 permanent disabilities, and 623,343 adverse events between 12/14/20 and 08/20/21. These numbers do not fit my definition of rare. The human clinical trials were designed to last for two years and will be completed in 2023. So, we don’t even have any actual long-term data yet. Other calculations put the death number much higher, more like 50,000 dead within three days of receiving the vaccine, in the US. Remember, from my last article, it is estimated this system only catches somewhere between one to five percent of actual injuries. I’ll let you play with the math.
So, side effects are rare is another lie. The truth is they don’t know. Early data suggests the results will be catastrophic, precisely because of the Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) issue, which will raise its ugly head over the next two to three years.
The WHEREAS regarding the noted opinions that pregnant women should be vaccinated is dangerous for women and their babies. No studies are showing this to be safe. No studies on this exist at all currently. So, the truth is, they don’t know the impact on pregnancy. It might be interesting to dig down and discover what they based their opinions on, plus exactly who influences those organizations. There is considerable evidence that the manufacturers are completely aware that there is a factor in the vaccines that creates antibodies that target and destroy the placenta.  There have also been a significant number of miscarriages shortly after vaccination. These antibodies stay in the body—likely for decades. The mRNA is designed to instruct our cells to create antibody-provoking spike proteins like tiny factories. Could this impact future pregnancies? Think about that when vaccinating children 12 and up. And yet, this WHEREAS states it is safe for pregnant women. There is no science supportive of this. So, this is another lie.
Just FYI, there are agents in the vial that also target and destroy the tails of sperm. Infertility anyone?
Another concern is that this mandate includes a WHEREAS noting that the Washington State Military Department Emergency Management Division, the National Guard, and the State Guard continue to support this mandate. Ahhh, support, how exactly?
Consequences for non-compliance include loss of your job with the state as well as health care providers. So, may I assume this may be enforceable by the state’s access to the military?
In my studied view, this mandate is founded on a pack of lies. This manipulation and coercion level violates human rights, medical ethics, and informed consent. Why people are not marching on Olympia in droves is shocking to me. This vaccine campaign is propaganda, brainwashing, coercion at its worst. The continual media blitz is grooming similar to what pedophiles do to their vulnerable victims. 
Medical ethics and informed consent stipulate patients have the right to make their own medical decisions. The right to informed consent stems from the Nuremberg Code regarding crimes against humanity. This mandate violates all ten tenants of that code. Patients have a moral and legal right to autonomy, self-determination, the right to receive accurate, complete, and understandable information. They have the right to be informed of the benefits and burdens and available options. They have the right to choose no treatment. And they have the right to exercise these choices without duress, coercion, or penalty. 
This mandate violates everyone’s right to choose to participate OR NOT in research. This mandate violates everyone’s right to choose OR REFUSE any medical treatments, including approved vaccines, for their bodies.
In my studied view, giving in to these mandates means politicians and drug manufacturers own your body—you don’t. This mandate is political and medical tyranny. Are you willing to let that stand? I, for one, am not.
For those who choose NOT to be injected in light of this WA State mandate, here is a valuable form with which to engage, educate, and enlighten your employer: See and download the document. It asks them to sign and accept liability should something go wrong. I would also suggest you add one more item to the form, noting that currently, and likely in the foreseeable future, the approved licensed Corminaty Pfizer vaccine is UNAVAILABLE in the US. The ONLY injections presently being offered here are still the EUA experimental gene therapy vaccines. Reviewing this document with your employer could help them reverse their ideas about mandating vaccines for employees to keep their jobs. 
Regarding the FDA approval of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, in my studied view:
The FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine was rushed through the approval process, without the usual allowance of public discussion, formal advisory committee meetings to discuss the data, and using only six months of trial data, despite the two-year clinical trial design. With the vaccines available via the EUA’s, why the rush?
It is important to note that the approved Comirnaty vaccine IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK—NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US yet and may not be distributed in this country for some time. To solve this lack of inventory issue, the FDA, in their infinite wisdom, also decreed that the Pfizer-BioNTech EUA vaccine should remain unlicensed but CAN be used interchangeably (page 2. footnote 8) with the newly licensed Comirnaty product. By the way, it is against the law to utilize the EUA vaccines if an approved product is available—yet another violation. So, why is that information important?
It seems there is a legal difference between EUA vaccines and licensed vaccines, while the formula is mostly the same. The EUA products are experimental under US law. The Nuremberg Code and US federal regulations make it illegal to deny someone a job or education because they refuse EUA vaccines. However, US law does permit employers and schools to require students and workers to take FDA-approved licensed vaccines. Okay, then, Big Pharma needs the licenses to ensure mandates can be required and penalties enforced.
There is an extraordinary liability shield for EUA COVID vaccines for manufacturers, distributors, providers, and government planners. If you die or are injured, the only way to obtain financial relief is through the extremely stingy Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), administered by the US government. To date, this system has NOT compensated a single COVID vaccine injury. So far, as of 08/13/21, individuals, physicians, families, and injured vaccine recipients have reported more than 600,000 COVID vaccine injuries, including over 13,000 deaths and 17,228 permanent disabilities.
If you are now in the mandated group, have not yet had the vaccine, and decide to comply to keep your job, you might want to ensure you are getting the actual licensed Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine. The approved Comirnaty vaccine does NOT have that liability shield, which means you can still sue for damages if you are injured. Ask to see the vial—if they can’t produce the approved one, you DON’T have to take it. Note that the licensed vaccine says “Comirnaty” on the label. The FDA allows the EUA to be utilized interchangeably with the licensed product, though legally different. That difference could mean a great deal to you or your family if you are injured or even die. I’d even recommend you take a photo of the vial for your records to prove your case if necessary.
Further, It might be prudent to watch for when Comirnaty gets placed on the CDC’s mandatory childhood schedule, as those vaccines also benefit from significant liability protections. This is one of the reasons there is such a push to vaccinate children when the usual consensus would be to wait until more is known about the long-term impacts before requiring them for children. It seems like all the standard safeguards, previously developed scientific processes have been tossed out the window on this one. So, profits before people? This approval process is a quintessential bait and switch con: time to resist, folks.
Okay, I have some questions, and maybe, by now, you do too.
If you are vaccinated, and they work, then:
Why would you be at all concerned whether anyone else is vaccinated?
Why would you need to mask up?
Why would lock-downs be required?
Why would booster shots be required every few months?
Why would there be any need to stop the unvaccinated from being able to work, fly, eat at restaurants, go to gym’s, go to churches, buy food, cross state lines, etc.(all of these are either enacted or being discussed) 
Well, the CDC has admitted that the vaccines don’t keep you from getting or spreading COVID. They possibly reduce symptoms, but that coverage wanes after a few months, hence the need for boosters, masks, social distancing, lock-down FOR EVERYONE. Given that CDC admission, it stands to reason that the vaccinated can spread this disease just as readily as the unvaccinated, maybe more so. So, why would there be a need to segregate the two populations? Yup, I said segregate on purpose.
Since the vaccines are available, via the Emergency Use Approval process, for anyone who wants them:
Why would the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA need to rush to get full approval: without doing all the usual studies, without complete animal trials, without finishing the human trials that are not scheduled to be completed until 2023, without allowing public discussion, without formal advisory committee meetings, and without the usual processes, all behind closed doors?
Big Pharma exercises significant influence on the FDA since they provide 75% of the FDA drug review budget. Is there any independent oversight at all? Follow the money.
In my studied view, this was rushed to legitimize the Big Pharma significantly influenced, government’s call for all corporations to mandate and compel vaccines for everyone. 
Okay, they are seriously dangerous and not effective according to the definition of what a vaccine does, so why do they want everyone injected? That’s the billion or maybe trillion-dollar question.
Let’s back up for a minute. What is the generally accepted understanding of what a vaccine is supposed to do, anyway?
A vaccine is supposed to create immunity and disrupt the transmission of the disease. So, does the COVID shot do that?
In a word, no. Even CDC director Dr. Walenksy admits these vaccines can cause an INCREASED RISK of disease. So, the vaccinated can participate in everyday activities, and unvaccinated cannot, because why, exactly?
So again, if these vaccines work, who cares if everyone gets vaccinated? It’s your life, your body, your choice, and your medical consequences. It’s NOT selfish to make your own medical choices for yourself and your family--if the vaccines work. Well, they don’t work as required and as one would expect of a regular vaccine. So, what is all this nonsense, anyway?
So, given that, again, why do the feds want EVERYONE vaccinated? Is it just the influence of Big Pharma wanting more profits? Well, there is that, follow the money. If this were really about saving lives, as all the “powers that be” continue to say, they would be transparent about ALL the data and inform everyone about ALL the successful treatments available instead of suppressing them. Instead of censoring, banishing, firing, de-platforming, and even disappearing dissenters, they would encourage ALL ideas and concerns to be expressed. I suggest there is significantly more to this “agenda.” But I won’t entirely go there in this article. Yes, this is about profit, but more importantly, this seems to be about power, mass compliance, and loss of personal autonomy and freedom. 
If you are not mad yet, maybe you should be.
More Bits of the Puzzle
The mRNA technology has been around for 30 years, but none of the prior vaccine trials made it through the animal trials. In those animal trials for SARS COV 1, the animals had developed robust antibodies, but when the animals were exposed to the wild virus, all of the animals died. Those trials were stopped, understandably so. It is a proven fact that this technology generates antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). That enhancement means your body ramps up an overwhelming immune response that can kill you. This technology, which is NOT the same as the usual method of developing a vaccine, has never previously made it to human trials for coronaviruses because all the test animals died. So, to fix that problem, this time, the manufacturers left that last animal test OUT. Yeah, that fixes things alright. Extrapolate that information into the current massive human vaccine trial going on right now. This issue is terrifying. Scientists, physicians, and others have sent out alarms and requests to the WHO to STOP these shots. The Powers-That-Be are ignoring these genuine concerns. The seriousness of breakthrough cases is the beginning sign this is already occurring. I guess we’ll see who is right about this over the next two to three years. 
If these vaccines work, why are there so many breakthrough cases? We keep being told that all the severe disease and death is the fault of the unvaccinated. Really? Are we being told that the vaccines suddenly don’t work while standing next to an unvaccinated person? They certainly are telling us that everyone must get the shot for this to work. Uhh, no, I don’t buy it. It’s all a pack of lies.
Israel’s Health Ministry reports that a majority of their hospitalized COVID cases are FULLY vaccinated.
In Sidney, Australia, where only 15% of the population were vaccinated as of July, a reporter stated that 141 people were hospitalized with COVID. Of that number, 140 were fully vaccinated. The other one had one dose of the vaccine. So, zero were unvaccinated. All the while, this reporter was pleading with the viewers to get their vaccine. Huh?
In India and Mexico, they both had vaccinated states vs. states that were using Ivermectin protocols instead. Those unvaccinated states using Ivermectin protocols experienced better results, including a genuine reduction in death rates. Why is this not mainstream news?
The difference between SARS Cov 1 and SARS Cov 2 is only about 20%. Those that have had SARS Cov 1 have a natural immunity to SARS Cov 2 (COVID 19); this is decades later. So, it is likely, those who have had SARS Cov 2 will have natural immunity that will last and be effective for any reinfections. So, innate immunity is being ignored and discounted precisely; why?
I’m not saying that COVID 19 isn’t a right nasty bug; it is. Evidence indicates that it was manipulated and enhanced to be more catchy and more deadly. However, I am saying that real, effective, globally available, inexpensive treatments have been suppressed, and those championing them have suffered greatly. These effective treatments have been deliberately lied about and hidden from you. If this were about saving lives, that would not be happening. Follow the money; this is at the very least about power, control, and profit. The fact that those effective treatments have been suppressed has cost lives—four and a half million lives to date, worldwide. So, if this is about profits over people, this is criminal. I would think this fits the description of “crimes against humanity.”
Are you outraged yet?
If you think you or someone you love has been injured or died due to these vaccines, you can report that here. Remember, this often mimics other diseases, especially blood clotting, stroke, heart attack, autoimmune, and neurological issues, so pay attention to the timing.
There is a reason it is said that freedom comes at a price—tyranny results when good people, who know the truth, don’t act on that information.
Given the information I have found, the mass compliance I see is puzzling to me. Doesn’t anyone know how to think critically, or even just logically, anymore? In my studied view, if you feel COVID has been catastrophic, wait until the Antibody-Dependent Enhancement begins to take effect, not to mention the immune escape issue creating super COVID bugs, aka variants. We are in serious trouble here, folks.
Effective treatments need to be publicized; this vaccination campaign needs to stop. When it comes to being coerced into taking the shot, just say NO--DO NOT COMPLY!
If you want to do something about this, write your legislators requesting they STOP this nonsense.
We are being lied to.
Get mad and get loud.
Resist. Do Not Comply.
Ownership of what happens to your body is at stake.
Your Health Freedom is at stake.
Your Freedom, in general, is at stake.
There ARE effective treatments.
You don’t have to believe me, do your own homework. You can start by checking out the source links I have provided you below and throughout this article. Then make up your own mind. Again, I support your right to choose. I only hope that choice is COa genuinely educated and informed one.
Here are a few links I think you may find especially compelling.
Breaking News – 08/27/21—Germany Halts All COVID-19 Vaccines, Says They Are Unsafe and No Longer Recommended!!
ICU Nurse – “You’re being lied to about COVID.” Some things you need to know.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warns America: “We all need to resist” vaccine tyranny…the time has come!
Alternative treatment protocol— (one of several, though they tend to disappear off the net.)
Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #1671 with evolutionary biologist Dr. Bret Weinstein, ICU Dr. Pierre Kory -- Use of Ivermectin worldwide to prevent and treat COVID.
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HR 4980 being considered would deny unvaccinated the right to fly anywhere in the US.[%224980%252
Dr. Chris Shaw's interview: The coming wave of neurological vaccine damage will CRUSH the world’s health care systems.
Vaccinated Patients’ Blood Examined, Horrific Findings Revealed by German Physicians! Included microscope pictures
Vaccines create significant damage via micro blood clots. D-Dimer blood test.
You can read my first article on the COVID Vaccine topic here:
Forward this article to anyone you feel would appreciate the information.


Bless You,

Alice Buehring

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