Independent Practices in Contra Costa County Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Contra Costa County is now able to coordinate the supply of COVID-19 vaccine to small independent practices who have not yet been able to receive vaccines. Physicians and other providers must, however, be enrolled in myCAvax and must be able to report vaccinations to the CAIR registry in order to be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Once enrolled in those systems, a physician practice may request vaccine through the myCAvax system. Although these requests are made to the state, each county health department has the ability to review and modify orders. For practices ordering fewer doses than are in a single shipment (100 doses of Johnson and Johnson and Moderna and 1170 doses of Pfizer), the County is able to receive vaccine shipments, divide those orders, and then deliver them in smaller quantities to physician practices in the County.

Please note that Alameda County has not yet announced a plan for distributing vaccine to independent practices. The ACCMA is in communication with Alameda County and other stakeholders and is advocating for the expedient development of a plan. In preparation for this, Alameda County physician practices wishing to vaccinate patients should also enroll in myCAvax. The ACCMA will continue to provide updates as more information is available.

The ACCMA has prepared guidance for those not yet enrolled in myCAvax. Click here for the PDF.

If you need assistance or if you have any questions about registering for myCAvax or receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, please contact the ACCMA at or 510-654-5383. Questions can also be directed to CMA at or to Contra Costa Health Services at