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‘Elite sleeper’ genes that allow people to function on fewer hours may also have neurogenerative protection. How genes confer resilience »

It wasn’t COVID-19 that led to deaths among people experiencing homelessness, with drug overdoses being the leading cause.  

If mothers participated in a program during pregnancy, their children had a healthier stress response at 6 months old.

Diversity Award Nominations: Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2022 Chancellor Awards for Diversity. Each year these Diversity Awards are bestowed to deserving UCSF faculty, staff, student/resident/postdoctoral scholars. The awards a given in the areas of Advancement of Women; Disability Service; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership; and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Leadership. To nominate, visit the awards website »  

Experience Parnassus at the Faculty-Alumni House: “Experience Parnassus” to see how plans are taking shape as the University embarks on a 30-year vision to re-imagine the historic campus. Attend the exhibit through Mar. 31 »
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Sleep is an essential function that allows our mind and body to recharge and impacts our overall wellbeing. For Sleep Awareness Week, create a wind-down routine to signal to your body that it is almost time for bed. For more sleep tips and other wellbeing resources, visit
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To help you navigate UCSF today, Campus Life Services is launching information sessions affectionally called “The Scoop.” Sessions are meant to be tidbits of information that explain service or operational changes, provide tips on how to sign-up for services, etc.