Beloved, how are you? I really mean it, how are you?
The past two weeks have brought a frightening and dangerous resurgence of COVID infections, far more than any time in the past. In response, Church Council has tightened our building use again. Access to the building is once again by appointment under the same system we were using in the late spring.

I am not terribly concerned about our building. The building is fine. I am terribly concerned about our people. Our people are not fine. Many, many members of the church have become sick with COVID. Sometimes, I learn about this as people are heading in to get tested. Other times, I learn after people have recovered and are headed back to work. If you have sent Alicia Reese an email in the past few days, you have see her autoreply that a number of people in her immediate family and extended family are sick with COVID right now. Alicia herself remains in good health, for which we are grateful. I would ask you to please join in praying for her family’s health. 

This is all to say that if you have COVID, or if someone in your family has COVID, your church wants to know about that. I want to know about that as your Lead Pastor. Please call me or text me. My cell phone number is 773-946-8744. Letting your church know what is going on in your life is not an imposition on us, far from it. Your church is here for you. Letting your church know that you need help is not an inconvenience, far from it. Your church is here for you. 

It is not just those who are being sickened by COVID who are struggling. I have learned about member after member who are struggling—kids struggling in school, job hunts that go on and on, members have had to quit jobs because it’s impossible to keep all the plates spinning, others are in mental health crisis, others find their physical health is deteriorating from being indoors too much.  

Beloved, I am worried about you. 

The pastors and Church Council and Deacons are all worried. As we head in to this winter, please know that it is okay to ask for help. 

Yours in care,

Rev. John Edgerton
Lead Pastor