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SLO County Health Access Update
Connecting Children Ages 0-5 to Health Care
August 2022
Information and articles from these newsletters are housed on the San Luis Obispo County Health Access website. The website is updated frequently and is intended as a resource for professionals working with children ages 0-5 and their families.
Please visit: SLOHealthAccess.org
Free Counseling for Parents and Caregivers
Free, bilingual counseling for parents and caregivers with children six years of age and younger is available through MP Health.

Video sessions are offered along with in-person visits in Atascadero. MP Health providers address a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, attachment disorders and substance abuse.
If you or your staff work with any parents or caregivers with children under 6 years of age who could benefit from these services, please share this information with them. The staff at MP Health are eager to welcome and support new clients. They can be reached at (805) 253-2547 or MPH@mariposasproject.com. Download flyers here.
Act Now to Keep Medi-Cal Coverage
Medi-Cal members have not had to update their information during the pandemic, but soon DSS will be reviewing each member's status. To keep Medi-Cal coverage, members need to:
1) report any change of address to DSS right away and then
2) return their annual re-determination package when they receive it.

Please let people know that this is essential to keeping their Medi-Cal coverage. More information at: cencalhealth.org/dont-lose-coverage.
COVID-19 vaccines for young children are here!
COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 6 months and older have arrived in SLO County. Young children can get vaccinated at pediatrician's offices, public health clinics, and pharmacies. (Pharmacies can vaccinate children of ages 3+.) Booster doses for children ages 5 and up are also now available 5 months after completing the primary series.

You can help by reminding parents to talk with their child's pediatrician about the COVID vaccine. Click here for current information for parents of young children from the American Academy of Pediatrics (English/Spanish).
Spread the word!
Share social media graphics to encourage vaccination (English/Spanish).

Share an adorable video to encourage vaccination (English/Spanish).
Pregnancy/Postpartum Medi-Cal Extension
Do you have clients who are pregnant or new moms and need health insurance? Medi-Cal and the Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) offer Medi-Cal health coverage for pregnant and postpartum women who do not have full insurance coverage. MCAP is for middle-income families who do not have health insurance and whose income is too high for no-cost Medi-Cal.
A new federal law has extended postpartum coverage to an entire year following the last day of pregnancy. Postpartum women can receive Medi-Cal services regardless of income changes after birth, citizenship, or immigration status. This includes postpartum depression services.
During the pandemic, the state extended postpartum Medi-Cal for one year only for women with diagnosed mental conditions. This benefit has been expanded to all postpartum women. Please remind your clients of this important mental and physical health resource!
Trauma-Informed Care: Tip of the Month
Relationships are the key to change. Healthy connection provides the support and positive modeling for responding to life's challenges. Learning to regulate our nervous system and recover from stress occurs in relationship. This process is called co-regulation.

TIP: Build your own skills at soothing yourself before attending to stressful situations. Modeling calm, empathetic communication provides the opportunity for clients to practice co-regulating.
Local Health Referral Information at SLOHealthAccess.org
SLOHealthAccess.org has a wealth of information to help you help families, with local resources related to:
  • Practical Resources for Basic Needs
  • Behavioral Health
  • Immigration: safety and service access  
  • Dental
  • Prescriptions
  • Medi-Cal & Covered CA
  • Transportation
  • Special Needs   
  • Parental Substance Use, and 
  • Resources to help parents advocate for services

General needs and system navigation:
Send families in need of help to their local Family Resource Center.

Can't find an answer? 
Let us know and we will find you the information you are looking for. For general questions about health access and health care reform, contact:
Becca Carsel, Health Access Project Director, 
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