Updates to COVID protocols
Dear Congregation,

During the meeting on March 20, 2022, the Session of this church discussed motions to alter our COVID protocols to match rapidly improving contexts in our community. A motion was crafted by the Session to reflect these changes:

  • Masks are now optional but encouraged in the building and during worship.
  • Masks are strongly recommended while singing. (This action is to reduce the spread of aerosolized droplets created while singing, which can spread 12-16 ft beyond the individual).
  • Masks will be required at all times during worship in the furthest right seating section of the sanctuary (also known as the organ or JFK side). This is to support and protect immunocompromised individuals and children who cannot be vaccinated. This section will also retain pew markers to block off every-other row for social distancing.
  • Pew markers will be removed from the center and left sections of the sanctuary, but individuals are still strongly encouraged to use social distancing when selecting their seats.
  • Temperature checks, name tags, and the sign-in table will remain in use until review at the next Session meeting April 24th.
  • Individual meetings and groups using the building are encouraged to exercise caution and mutual agreement in designing the appropriate safety measures for their meetings.

While we still have a long way to go to reach "normal," we hope these steps will help our community gather together in meaningful ways, while continuing to protect individuals with differing levels of need. We trust that all members of our community will respect the decisions of others in regard to masking and distancing decisions. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with members of Session for more information.

Sahr Lebbie, Clerk of Session
and Marie Mainard O'Connell, Moderator
on behalf of the Session of Park Hill Presbyterian Church.