An update from us on COVID-19 and reminder of
Drive-Through service this week

For those of us who have made it through our first 4 weeks of our Safer At Home Order... Pat yourself on the back and begin to settle in. Now is the time to work on acceptance of where we are for awhile. Initially, maybe you felt denial, anger, irritability, joy, apathy, overwhelm or more. Maybe you were watching your news sources all day every day. Maybe you were trying to figure out how to work remotely and home school your children. Maybe you were working on keeping your business open. Maybe you were working on how to get a stream of cash flow during this opportunistic time to pay your bills. Maybe you are still working on all of this.....but these items, in time, will be flowing more easily as we move through this process of change. It is time to move forward past our losses in social activity, finances, loved ones, and into a new normal. the time- to take that next step . Reduce time on news sources, especially anything in the evening when your nervous system is trying to slow down and get you ready for sleep. Continue learning on financial resources that are available to you via federal, state, county, and city programs. If your days are busier than ever be gentle with yourself- allow yourself to rest more- get those 8 hours of sleep in by getting to bed earlier. If you are looking for ways to fill your day- learn about something you have never had time to....a new language (Babbbel)? A Master Class? Yoga or Pilates on Youtube...start creating a new schedule for your day.

Be assured- we are taking steps to stay sane and safe so we can continue to take care of your health needs. As many of you know we are now offering HIPPA compliant Telehealth video sessions or as prior- phone consults, so that you can stay on track.

Strive for the “Post-Pandemic Growth” . One of the most exciting areas of trauma research is in post-traumatic growth (PTG). The term was coined in the mid-1990s by psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. They have found that whenever a group of people is traumatizes-about 10% will develop PTSD. Approximately 80% of people will return to their normal baseline within a few months. Another 10% will actually be stronger than they were before the trauma happened—they will experience post-pandemic growth. Achieving this type of growth is based on 5 factors that can improve symptoms of distress. Here’s a look at how some people are already planting the seeds for post-pandemic growth. In this current time of coronavirus-fueled trauma, ask yourself what changes you can start making now to spark post-pandemic growth. Click here . According to Dr. Tedeschi, as many as 90% of trauma survivors report at least one aspect of post-traumatic growth.

Stimulate your brain with Tana Amen's turkey Beetballs- make sure to read to the end for fun brain enhancing modifications-. Click Turkey beet balls or for more recipes for brain health, click Brain Support Recipes

This Friday, April 17th,2020 Drive-Through pick up for supplements 10:00am-1:00pm.  Come on over (after you call us) to our drive by-pick up for any immune support supplements you are missing that may be back-ordered online (like Vitamin C, SuperbioVeg, Zinc, Vitamin D- we have it!) or anything you may need for your regular health plan. We will be informing you weekly during this process- for future Drive-Through dates.

The Drive-Through process:
  • Call us this week 310.526.7328 to make your pre-order
  • Call us when you arrive at the office during the Drive-Through times and stay in your car.
  • One of us will place your supplements with your name on a bag and set it outside on the chair by our office for you to pick up and call you when it is ready. (Our office door will not be available to enter into the office).
  • You pick it up! Safe and secure.
In Health,

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