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The Results of COVID in Real Estate
Katrina and Dave's Killer Bread
A Michigan Probate Attorney's Opinion of SMHG

Steve Martin Homes Group
How has COVID affected
Real Estate?

This is possibly the most asked question to REALTORS in 2020 - and for good reason. You just can't shut down portions of the economy and instill the fear of death into half the population without expecting some changes in the Real Estate market.
  • Is it time to panic?
  • Has there been a change in the average days on the market?
  • Are we in a buyer's market or seller's market?

Steve will answer these questions and more in this issue of
"What's New This Week?"
Does 'good for you' bread have to taste bad for you?
Here in Katrina's Kitchen we have just learned that the answer to the above question is... NO!

Eating is a challenge for me personally, but it just got easier since I can now eat sandwiches on these “killer taste and texture” breads. Dave’s Killer Bread offers many varieties which you can view on his website DAVESKILLERBREAD.COM. 

This isn’t new, it has been around for 15 years and has a large following. 
Why am I only discovering this product now? 
Another 5 Star Review from an Estate Customer
When we call ourselves "A Full Service Real Estate Team"
it's for reasons like this...

As a probate attorney in Michigan, I recently had to locate a Realtor in Sarasota County to manage the sale of a client's property. After a quick google search, Steve Martin Homes Group was the third number I called and the first to answer the phone.

The video that Steve sent of his first visit showed an extreme amount of rodent droppings and other issues. He presented the options to sell the property as-is or fix it up and increase the salability and profit margin. I chose the latter and was not disappointed. Steve oversaw the rodent remediation and Katrina managed the entire rehab process which included, roofing, flooring, appliances, painting, electrical, plumbing and more. I also chose their standard staging package and never regretted my decisions. 

The place looked amazing when they put it on the market and it sold for a great price in only 9 days. My clients and I were very impressed with the results that SMHG and Little Black Dress Home Staging obtained for them.

- Michael Colton, Michigan