KDA Members,
We know that our member dentists are busy getting back to work this week. We also know much needed PPE is in short supply.
Today, I contacted Kentucky Emergency Management to request they assist KDA in informing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of our member's dire need of this equipment to ensure the safety and health of dentists, staff and patients.

If you are looking for PPE, the KDA has created a new  PPE Resource Page .
We will add companies to our list as we receive information...

Please Note: While the KDA will make every effort to list legitimate PPE providers, a company's inclusion on this page in no way reflects any endorsement from the KDA, whatsoever.
Please take thoughtful care when dealing with any company. Do your own additional vetting of any entity, before you act.

Also, please view the following link https://dentalsupplies.tdsc.com/video-resource-center#presentation  from our partners at TDSC. This brief webinar outlines what is going on with the supply chain and what is being done to procure more PPE. It also provides important information on how to identify a counterfeit mask.

Stay safe & well,