A COVID19 UPDATE TO MEMBERSHIP - Thursday, June 18, 2020
Ontario Enhancing COVID19 Case
and Contact Management
Province’s Exposure Notification App Important Pillar of Plan

The Ontario government is enhancing case and contact management to quickly test, trace and isolate cases of COVID19 to stop the spread of the virus and prepare for any potential future waves with additional measures including: a comprehensive case and contact management strategy; Protecting Ontarians through Enhanced Case and Contact Management; and, in partnership with the federal government, a new made-in-Ontario national app called COVID Alert. Click HERE for full June 18th release.
Ontario Pauses Commercial Evictions
Government protecting small businesses as the province safely and gradually reopens

The Ontario government passed the Protecting Small Business Act, temporarily halting or reversing evictions of commercial tenants and protecting them from being locked out or having their assets seized during COVID19. The legislation applies to businesses that are eligible for federal/provincial rent assistance for evictions from May 1, 2020 until August 31, 2020. Click HERE for June 17th release.
Ontario Extends Emergency Orders
Province Focuses on Safe, Gradual Approach as Reopening Continues

"This extension will be in effect until June 30, 2020 to ensure the government continues to have the necessary tools to safely and gradually reopen the province, while continuing to support frontline health care workers and protect vulnerable populations from COVID19." Click HERE for June 17th release.
Ontario Releases Guide on How to Develop a Workplace Safety Plan
New Toolkit Will Help Employers Create Safer Working Environments for Employees during COVID19

The Ontario government is providing employers with a new general workplace guide, which will help them develop a safety plan to better protect workers, customers and clients. The new downloadable toolkit offers tips on how to help prevent the spread of COVID19 as more people get back on the job during Stage 2 of the reopening of the province. Click HERE for June 16th release and HERE for the new workplace guide.
Social Circle vs Social Gathering
Social circles are different from social gatherings:
  • You can belong to only one social circle up to 10 people; close contact is allowed
  • Social gatherings can be any group up to 10 people, but must keep 2m apart from those outside of your social circle

For details on social circles, click HERE
For details on social gatherings, click HERE
Free Summary of Financial Support & Assistance Programs from FirstOntario Credit Union
FirstOntario's Community Assistance Program provides information to Members who have been impacted by COVID19 and summarizes
some of the financial support and assistance programs available. Get the resource HERE .
Free COVID19 Safety Training from
4S Consulting
To help employers keep their workers safe from COVID19 and minimize workplace transmission, 4S Consulting is offering free COVID19 online training. This is their contribution to flatten the curve. Click HERE for details.
Ontario's Workplace PPE Supplier Directory
The Workplace PPE Supplier Directory lists Ontario companies that are ready to supply PPE.

  • If you have a ready supply of PPEs or are looking for PPEs, please note the directory HERE.

  • The directory includes information on industry exchanges/platforms. If your organization has a PPE exchange or platform and you would like it listed on the website, please confirm by emailing ontariotogether@ontario.ca and provide the following information:
  • Your organization’s PPE exchange/platform name, as you would like it to appear on the directory
  • Website link
IHSA COVID19 Safety Resources Available Online
IHSA has created a COVID19 resource page to provide information to its members. This page is updated on a regular basis. Here you will find materials designed to keep you safe on:

COVID19 Links & Resources from CCA
For a list of construction-specific, up-to-date information covering latest news & announcements, guidance & best practice documents, and financial/government subsidies/support, click HERE.
COVID19 Links & Resources from COCA
For a list of construction-specific, up-to-date information covering latest news & announcements, guidance & best practice documents, and financial/government subsidies/support, click HERE.
Province of Ontario COVID19 Resources
Develop your COVID-19 workplace safety plan
Learn how you can create a plan to help protect your workers and others from novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID19) HERE .

Resources to Prevent COVID19 in the Workplace
Find sector-specific guidelines and posters to help protect workers, customers and the general public from coronavirus (COVID19) in Ontario HERE .

COVID19 and Workplace Health and Safety
Learn about employers’ responsibilities and how you can protect your workers. Workers can get information about health and safety protections at the workplace HERE .

COVID19 and Your Employment Standards Protections
Learn about employers’ responsibilities, and get information about job protections available to employees HERE .
COVID19 Resources from OGCA
Niagara Area Building Inspections, Permits, Planning Offices - Update by Municipality
The NCA has compiled updates from Niagara's municipal building and planning departments, including building inspections, building permits, planners' availability, and more. Click HERE .
Let NCA Members Know Your Business Status
REPORT YOUR STATUS - COVID-19 Niagara Construction Job-Site/
Office Closures/Restrictions/Business Notices

To assist our members in sharing the status of their companies/projects at this time, we are posting your  job-sites and/or office closures, business notices and/or restrictions  here  .

Please complete form  here   for us to post the information on our website  or tag us with your changes on Facebook and/or Twitter. Or, just  email  and let us know your updated information.
The Niagara Construction Association (NCA) is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will do what we can to ensure members have up-to-date information by communicating through e-blast, social media posts, and  COVID-19 RESOURCES. (please navigate the drop-down menu for industry-specific news, updates, information, and links).
Please do not hesitate to contact me at karin@niagaraconstruction.org with any concerns or questions, or suggestions to our website/eblast COVID-19 information.

Thank You,

Karin Sheldrick
General Manager