Aspen Families,

Thank you for your diligence in keeping sick scholars home over this past school year. You have helped us keep the number of quarantines due to exposure to a minimum and have helped us stay open for full-time in-person learning, our preferred model. 

We need your help once again. The government has a new heightened concern with a sharp uptick in COVID19 cases. So far this week, Scott county is reporting over 51 cases/10,000 residents. Half of these are due to the new COVID19 variants which are more contagious and cases in children and youth continue to climb. The government is concerned that we may be looking at another large spike similar to what we saw during the holidays. We need your help to keep our numbers of COVID19 cases low when we return from spring break.

Many scholars have shared with their classes that they will be traveling on vacation during spring break. If you choose to travel, please let your teacher and the health office know and plan to quarantine for 2 weeks after you return. We understand that you may wish to skip the quarantine, but it is critical during the uptick in cases that you follow the MDH guidelines to help us stay open. Aspen Academy is requiring quarantining for 2 weeks upon return from travel out of state.

Thank you for those of you who have already notified their teachers and the school of your travel plans. When we work together, we can keep our levels of COVID19 down in the school and finish the year strong! 

Thank you for your cooperation,
Aspen Academy