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Working from home in the time of Covid19
I have been recommending AnyDesk to my QuickClaim clients ever since Remote Desk Top connections became susceptible to Ransomware.

The haste to "Work from Home" poses the obvious connection technical and security challenge of - HOW?

I find that AnyDesk is a quick way to connect securely to office computer from home. The free version is meant for the home computer that requires a single connection to a remote computer (computer at the clinic).

Visit AnyDesk to download and install on both, home and clinic computers. Setup the unattended option in AnyDesk on the clinic computer and connect to it from your home computer. Easy setup.

For the tech challenged that needs our tech support to install & configure AnyDesk -$170-

Security Recommendations:
  1. Do not install AnyDesk on a server.
  2. Your clinic network must be protected with a paid version of an anti-virus software.
  3. If managing, an installation and configuration of an antivirus software on each work place computer and server, is a nightmare, we can help. As Bitdefender partners, we offer protection for all your work computers for only $8/computer/month on a monthly basis - no contracts.
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