3 September 2021

Peace and Greetings to you!

This weekend being Labor Day Weekend, usually holds a lot of significance for folks. It's usually an indication that summer has come to an end, and the things in our lives, brings newness within our lives. Churches and places of worship have their Homecoming Sunday, or Rally Sunday, or in our case Kick-Off Sunday, where the new ministry and program year is introduced, along with mapping out what we all can look forward to, as we move into the new ministry and program year.

The Board of Directors and I are excited as we start September, allowing us to rollout the 2021-2022 Program and Ministry Year to each of you. While protocols have changed from one day to the next, we have been quite diligent in our planning process.

September in the life of our church is traditionally Kick-off month, where new ministries and new programs are introduced to the congregation for the new programming. The Board of Director and I invite you to join us for Kick-off Sunday, Sunday, September 12, 2021

We invite you to pray about worshipping with us that Sunday, and even bringing a friend along with you, as we continue to share our Vibrant, Inclusive, and Progressive Love of God. Protocols permitting, we will have our traditionally fellowship potluck following worship on Sunday, September 12th, immediately following worship. Weather permitting, we will use the back yard of the church and have our potluck “Barbeque Style.” Sign-up sheets are available in the Narthex for those of you wishing to bring food to sign up this Sunday.

We additionally encourage you to join us for Kick-off Sunday, as the board and I, will roll-out, not only what our ministry and programming for 2021-2022 will be, but what our plans are for our upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration. Anniversary Weekend will take place the weekend of November 19-21, 2021. That same weekend, our network of churches, The MCC North Central Network will be having their network gathering, so that they too, can celebrate this momentous occasion with us. More details on that are forthcoming.

As a Community of Faith, we begin our September Series: “COW TIPPING,” looking at those Sacred Cows within our lives, symbolizing the things that hold us back from living healthy and wise. Sacred Cows are those symbols in our lives that represent items that hold us back from leading and living healthy lives.

Join me over these next six weeks, as we explore how we can remove this 1,500-pound beast, that so often appears in our lives, causing us to often feel trapped, closed in, or even stifled. Come learn how we can remove these emotional barriers, remove these relational barriers, or even the relational, physical and even financial barriers in life.

Take this as my personal invitation for you to join me this Sunday at 11:00am or later Sunday afternoon for our Virtual Worship Service. We open this engaging series with: “TIPPING OUR SACRED COWS.”

Virtual worship can continue be found on our Facebook and YouTube pages, in the later part of the afternoon on Sundays. We ask that you keep watch on these pages for when worship has been uploaded. Due to the high traffic on internet usage on Sundays, and now that all faith communities have started returning to in-person worship, uploads have been taking longer than expected.

For those in our church family, who continue social distancing, and have not returned to in-person worship, we hope you taking advantage of keeping connected through our virtual worship service that is available online Sunday afternoons. We invite you to take advantage and continue to worship with Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church virtually, until you are ready to resume with us for in-person worship. 

As always, I Invite you to take a moment to scroll down to view these announcements and the many other special announcements, connected to the life of our congregation and community, as we continue to be the vibrant, inclusive, and progressive community of faith that we are.

Regardless of how you continue worshipping with us, and as we move forward, you welcomed in our home and into our community of faith!

May God’s blessings continue to be with each of you!

In Christ!
Scripture: Philippians 3:7–14 (The Inclusive Bible)

But those things I used to consider gain; I now count as loss for the sake of Christ.
What is more, I consider everything a loss in light of the surpassing knowledge of my Savior Jesus Christ, for whose sake I have forfeited everything. I count everything else as garbage, so that Christ may be my wealth – indeed, that I may be found in Christ,
not having any justice of my own based on observance of the Law. The justice I
posses is that which comes through faith in Christ. It has its origin in God and is
based on faith. All I want is to know Christ, and the power of the resurrection,
and how to share in Christ’s sufferings by being formed into the pattern of Jesus’
death – perhaps even to arrive at the resurrection from the dead. It’s not that I have reached it yet or have already finished my course; but I’m running the race in order
to grab hold of the price, if possible, since Christ Jesus has grabbed hold of me.
Sisters and brothers, I don’t think of myself as having reached the finish line. I give no thought to what lies behind, but I push on to what is ahead. My entire attention is on the finish line as I run toward the price – the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Join us over these next six weeks, as we look at those
Sacred Cows that seem to appear in our lives, representing those things that seem to be those
holding patterns in our lives that hold us back from leading and even living healthy within ourselves.

This Sunday as we BEGIN the series with:

You can also connect with us for Virtual Worship
on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel,
Sunday afternoons through our links below to our Facebook and YouTube pages.

We want to celebrate you if you're celebrating a Birthday or Anniversary every FIRST SUNDAY of the Month.
Join us after worship this Sunday, for our FIRST Sunday of the month, Birthday and Anniversary celebration.
If you're having a birthday or anniversary within the current month, then join us the first Sunday of each month, as we have cake during fellowship, in honor of
YOUR Birthday or Anniversary!
You're welcome just as you are!

Next Gathering will be September 7, 2021
7:00pm to 9:00pm

POZ SPIRIT is a monthly gathering for those infected with HIV/AIDS providing a safe, respectful and supportive environment Friendship, Networking, Resources, Peer Support Education and Spiritual Support. This gathering is open to all men who identify as HIV/AIDS positive. 

The group meets the first Tuesday of each month from 7PM to 9:00PM in the Community Room at Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church. Light snacks are served,
and reservations requested but
not required.

Contact the church office
(414-383-1100) or send an email to hivministries@milmcc.org email by the Monday before each gathering!

It's hard to believe that we're almost three quarters of the way through 2021! It's also mind boggling that we're coming into September, which traditionally marks the start of the "NEW" Church Programming Year.

Well, this year is now different! We invite you to make makes to celebrate
Kick-Off Sunday 2021, on Sunday, September 12, 2021, starting with worship
at 11:00am in the Sanctuary! We encourage you to come celebrate by bringing
a friend to church with you, as we share our vibrant, inclusive, and progressive
love for God and one another.

This is also the time where the board introduces our new 2021-2022 Programming and Ministry Year. This year, once again, we plan on introducing our 2021-2022 Programming and Church Ministries to the congregation during our Potluck Fellowship that will be held, protocol permitting, immediately following worship at 12:30pm. Watch for details on how we will have our traditional potluck, using proper protocol as we've outlined in previous communications.

We will also rollout our plans and celebration schedule as the church celebrates 50 Years of being a Vibrant, Inclusive, Progressive Community of Faith, here in the Greater Milwaukee area. Come see how you can get involved and engage in the planning and execution of our Annual Gala Fundraiser, along with plans for a community wide Anniversary Worship Service. Our Anniversary Weekend will take place November 19-21, 2021. We will also share the plans which are being made in hosting the MCC North Central Network of Churches that same weekend, as the network has their in-person Network Gathering.

Watch for sign-up sheets in the Narthex for the Potluck Fellowship on September 12th, and what you can bring to share during fellowship.

Due to new protocols and coronavirus guidelines, and weather permitting, Coffee Fellowship Hour will be held out on the FRONT LAWN of the Church immediately following worship each Sunday.

We invite you to join us for worship each Sunday, and then stick around afterwards for some awesome fellowship. Coffee and Cold Beverages will be served along with some light delectable goodies.

Come learn what is happening in and around our Church. You're invited to come to our monthly Board of Directors Meetings and experience and see your board in action.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 14th, starting at 7pm.

Lots of great things are happening
in the life of our community of
faith as we start resuming worship and programming in person!
Come get the info first hand and be in the know with the happenings of your church!
In keeping with our commitment to inform you with the current protocols and decisions that are and have been made in relationship to the CORONAVIRUS, DELTA VARRIANT and MASK PROTOCOL.
As you’re aware, the DNA our congregation is comprised of many different variants. We have many who are older in their years, as well as those who have compromised immune systems. At the same time, we have folks who have had other illnesses that have affected their bodies in one form or another.
The board of directors and pastor have been in close communication over the past several weeks and after careful consideration, that beginning August 15, and until further notice, anyone attending any event (including worship) at Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church, will be asked to wear a mask.
While we know that this may be an imposition to some, the board and pastor have the obligation of looking after the best interest of each and every congregant in our congregation, along with the responsibility or providing a safe and healthy environment.

For those who forget to bring a mask, one will be provided as you enter the building. We appreciate your sensitivity and respect to other individual’s personal wishes. If you aren’t feeling well, we ask you to please stay home. This includes fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

As hospitalizations due to the coronavirus and delta variant begin to start increasing again in Wisconsin, we wish to take every added precaution in order to keep everyone at Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church safe and well.
We thank you in advance for respecting the decisions that have been made. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with any board member of our pastor.
If you auto-give, through your financial institution, or already give online, we THANK YOU. But, if you have typically placed your gifts in the offering plate each Sunday, we also offer other options when giving to the church.

There are several ways YOU can make either a one-time donation or even a recurring donation. Here are the ways you can make that happen:
  1. Through our Secure Online Giving Portal, or either of our two PayPal links. You can go to our Secure Online Giving Portal and/or our PayPal Giving Link for your regular offering or one time giving. You can also go through our regular PayPal Link if you’re wanting to start and set-up a recurring monthly giving for your offering. Click on either of the links below to make that happen.
  2. You can mail your offering via check or credit card by using one of the pre-printed offering envelopes that have been distributed to all our members. Simply insert your check in the envelope or complete the information on the inner flap, should you choose to donate by credit card, and return it by mail. If you are in need envelopes, please contact the church, either by leaving us a message or emailing us at info@milmcc.org. We will be happy to send some to you.
  3. You can send your offering via check in a regular addressed envelope to: Milwaukee Metropolitan Community Church, 1239 West Mineral Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204.
  4. You can go to our website at www.milwaukeemcc.org/giving to do your giving.
Click link above to do a regular
offering or one time gift through our Secure Giving Portal
Click link above to do a regular
offering or one time gift
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As a board, we are praying with you, and for you. We look forward to the day when we can once again gather and worship together. In the meanwhile, please continue to follow the social distancing guidelines outlined by health officials to keep you and your family safe.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift to support your church, so that we can continue to meet the needs of the congregation.

Peace and Blessings,
Milwaukee MCC Board of Directors
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