“We were completely blown away
by Coyote and Kate McNally”
“Great music in a great location!”

8pm (doors 7:30)

This week: Kate McNally
Powerhouse vocals, killer songs!
Marcy & Lou "In Concert" with a special guest ( or not) every Friday.

A fun, heart-felt evening of live music in a magical setting.

"No More Will You" by Kate McNally
with Marcy & Lou
Coyote Music Den
Coyote with Kate McNally
The Barn series
Reynolda Village
Winston-Salem, NC
So many new covers ...
"bucket list" songs this season
"Bluebird" by Paul McCartney and Wings
This story is the realization of many dreams, for many people at Coyote Music Den.
Lessons with Lou - guitar, uke, bass, piano, slide/dobro
It's coming along nicely, in the design stage!
Ocrafolk Fest 2017 "Stumblin'"
Photos of Coyote by