January 14, 2021
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As Cuomo plans on investing in infrastructure,
NYDA points to I/DD field as economic engine
New York Disability Advocates is asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to to invest in the I/DD field and recognize it as an economic driver.
Go to NYDA's Facebook and Twitter pages and help tell the Governor we need to be included in his plan to reimagine, rebuild, and renew the state!
OPWDD updates vaccine prioritization to include transportation staff
OPWDD has released the below updated guidance on COVID-19 vaccine prioritization with the addition of transportation staff:
Find more information about the vaccine at:
Cuomo acknowledges ‘COVID fatigue’ as positive rate nears 6.5%
“New York is pushing forward to conduct more tests, add to hospital beds and make it easier to get the COVID-19 vaccine across the state, but we need New Yorkers to stay vigilant and take safe precautions as the virus is still spreading,” Governor Cuomo said at his press briefing today. “Washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing are vital tools New Yorkers can use to stay safe, and local governments are bound to enforce state public health law. We’re moving through a difficult period in our history, and I know COVID fatigue has set in and New Yorkers crave normalcy, but we will get through this together and come out on the other side.”
Brave of Heart Fund supports families of fallen healthcare workers
New York Life and Cigna have created the Brave of Heart Fund, dedicated to providing healthcare workers and their families with peace of mind. The Fund is designed to provide financial support in the form of charitable relief grants to support the families of healthcare workers who lose their lives to COVID-19.
Virtual CME course from NYU Langone Health
NYU Langone Health is offering a one-day CME course focusing on current cerebral palsy (CP) data, evaluation approaches, and treatment options (surgical, non-surgical, rehabilitation, pharmacotherapeutics, and social prescription). This course aims to engage interprofessional health care providers to deliver lifespan care to patients with CP, including their families and/or caregivers.
Changes to Comm Hab and Notices of Decision for all Service Authorizations delayed to May 1
At the December 2020 Quarterly Care Manager Conference, it was announced that OPWDD will begin implementation of a standard authorization process for Community Habilitation (CH) and will also begin issuing Notices of Decision (NODs) notifying individuals of due process rights for all Service Authorizations beginning February 1, 2021. The implementation of these changes has been postponed to May 1, 2021. Training for Care Managers will be scheduled in the SLMS for April 2021 and announced via the Care Coordination E-Visory.
Your advocacy at work!
CP State cosigns letter on vaccine prioritization
CP has recently signed on to a letter demanding Governor Cuomo prioritize the vaccination of individuals with I/DD living in the community and their care managers.
The letter applauds the Governor's efforts thus far to ensure an equitable vaccination program, but says it is imperative that your call for health equity be practiced in New York State by vaccinating all individuals with I/DD, including the approximately 80,000 who live in the community, and all employees that serve them, including the nearly 4,000 care managers who support them.
DOH guidance on vaccine doses remaining at end of day
It is State policy that all available doses of the COVID-19 vaccine must be used as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is critical that all vaccine providers plan accordingly to ensure every dose is administered. All providers should keep a daily list of “stand by” eligible individuals to be notified of open appointments for vaccine administration on short notice.
As soon as providers are aware that there are more doses than people to be vaccinated, “standby” eligible individuals should be called, or other steps must be taken to bring additional eligible recipients to the facility or clinic before the acceptable use period expires. However, there may be times that there are doses of vaccine that remain at the close of business or the end of a vaccine clinic and no one from the priority population can come in before the doses expire.
By issuance of this guidance, at these times and only under these circumstances, NYS DOH is authorizing providers to administer vaccine to other public facing employees.
FREE webinar on Jan. 20
'Building Community through Social Capital'
On the heels of Dr. Al Condeluci's highly informative session on seclusion and loneliness in the I/DD population, CP State is proud to announce "Building Community through Social Capital" on Wednesday, January 20, 10 a.m.
CP State is offering this FREE session through its DDPC Rural Advocacy Grant.
If you would like to participate, please contact Tim Ferguson at TFerguson@cpstate.org or 518-436-0178.
CFR webinars available online
OPWDD, OMH, SED and OASAS recently conducted a series of webinars in place of on-site trainings on the January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR). The CFR webinar series can be accessed on YouTube at the following links:
  1. Getting Started, Time to Do the CFR, Core Reports (12/8/2020)
  2. General and Agency Specific Changes/Highlights, Steps to a Successful Submission, Claiming, and COVID19(s) Instructions (12/9/2020)
These webinars have been developed to make it easier for providers to train staff in CFR preparation, to give providers the ability to access CFR training at the time most convenient for provider agency staff, and to try to achieve a greater degree of accuracy in provider CFR submissions.
CP State and SAP Litmos have your training needs covered
CP State is proud to provide the SAP Litmos online learning platform to provide efficient and thorough training for Affiliate staff.
Whether you need to onboard staff more efficiently or are looking for a suite of COVID-19 related classes, we provide top-level professional development courses within our online learning library!
For more information contact:
Tim Ferguson
Director of Online Learning