Chapter Planning Committee
The Chapter Planning Committee (CPC) met via Zoom on Friday, August 21. The major focus of the meeting was to continue planning for the September, October and November assemblies. Due to Covid-19, all assemblies for the remainder of 2020 will be virtual. While virtual assemblies are not the desired way to gather, they do present certain opportunities that we can utilize to make these gatherings very fruitful. First among these is the ability to cross geographic boundaries. We can meet as sisters and associates from anywhere. 

Virtual Assemblies
Each assembly will be over a two day period—three hours on Day One and three hours on Day Two. Hopefully, this time frame will allow for fruitful input, conversation and feedback without over-burdening participants who will be engaged in the processes in front of a computer using Zoom.
Day One of the assembly will focus on the current census and demographics of the Congregation, which will be presented by Leadership. Day Two will revisit the Chapter Focus Areas, Integral Ecology, Interculturality and Leadership, determined last year.    

In light of our current reality—Covid-19, racism, social unrest, poverty—we will look at these areas to re-frame and reshape what is necessary in order to prepare for Chapter 2021 bringing our lived experience to the deep conversations that will lead us to a desired future as we listen to God’s Spirit and one another. In a sense, we are “starting over.” What we planned last year and for the Chapter in the summer of 2020 did not happen and we are now in a new world. On both days of the assembly the participants will engage in breakout room conversations and give feedback that will inform the next steps in our planning.

Assembly Preparation - Articles
The Leadership will be sending preparation materials related to the census and demographics in preparation for the assembly. It will be important to read these materials thoroughly.