Chapter Planning Committee

The Chapter Planning Committee (CPC) met on Saturday, December 12, 2020 via Zoom to review the responses from the virtual assemblies, held in September through November of 2020. The responses clearly reflected the depth of the conversations that took place in each breakout room. The CPC restricted its work to the responses from Day Two since Day One focused on responses to the presentation by the Leadership Team and their questions to participants.
In preparation for our meeting, each CPC member read and reflected on the responses. During the meeting, all members shared their personal reactions and listened for the common threads. It was clear that most breakout room responses agreed that the original three focus areas were important and should remain as the focal points of Chapter 2021. A few breakout rooms wondered if Leadership should be a focus area for Chapter. Other breakout rooms broadened the topic of leadership to include several points that have been mentioned throughout the many conversations, which have taken place since beginning the journey toward Chapter 2021. The CPC determined that the topic should remain as a focus area.
During the meeting, we identified common threads from your input, which we believe strengthen the three Focus Areas. New topic areas that were suggested by some breakout rooms were considered and folded in to the existing three topics. We hope that all are able to see the fruits of their dialogue reflected in the reworked three Focus Areas for Chapter 2021.