A Message from the Executive Director
Dear Friends,

My staff and I have started out the new year on a journey to reach more women. Thanks to your support, the number of clients seen at our downtown medical services center, Options@328, is exploding! 
Last January, 2021, we had 30 client appointments at Options@328. This January, 2022, Options had 153 appointments--an increase of 510%! With more client appointments, we need to hire additional staff to meet the demand for our services. Specifically, we are looking for an additional R.D.M.S. (sonographer) and another bilingual client advocate. It has been challenging to find staff willing to work at our downtown location. May I ask that you please keep our staffing needs in your prayers so we can serve more pregnant women in crisis.
I would also like to thank those who responded so generously to our Giving Tuesday and 25 Days of Christmas campaign last year. You can read more about our success below.
Also, one of our staff members fell down the steps inside our St. Ann's material resource center and sustained considerable injuries (though, thankfully, she is doing much better now). In light of her fall, the Board has decided to temporarily close the center while we reassess the situation. Please be assured that our distribution of material resources continues, uninterrupted, at our other resource center, located on the ground floor of Mars Hill Baptist Church in Essex. All clients have been made aware of the location change and the distribution of diaper, wipes, formula, and clothing continues without issue. 
Finally, I am delighted to share CPC's annual statistics for the 2021 calendar year at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for all your prayers, support, and gifts! God's providence and your support are making an enormous impact in the lives of so many women and their unborn babies in Baltimore City and the surrounding region.

Every good wish,

Gina Ruppert
Executive Director
Abortion advocates and abortionists know that crisis pregnancy centers, like CPC, are offering women the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) protocol and they are doing what they can to thwart our efforts. 
For example, the world's largest search engine (you know who) has restricted ads about the APR process so women cannot be informed about their choices. 
And abortionists have tricks, too. Recently, "Tina" who was carrying twins, called CPC for help after regretting her chemical abortion. Sadly, we were not able to save her babies since we learned that the abortionist gave Tina the first mifepristone pill, plus an injection of depo medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera), which blocks the effectiveness of the APR protocol. The abortionist knowingly took away Tina's right to change her mind when she sought the abortion pill reversal. Tina's babies died, and she is now devastated. Please pray with us to defeat the evil that exists in abortion. To learn more about Abortion Pill Reversal, click here.
News You Need to Know
This past December, CPC received an $80K operational funding grant from the Skip Viragh Foundation. These funds will go towards our everyday operating costs, like utilities and insurance. It has been a difficult fundraising season since we have been unable to meet in person these past two years. We are therefore extra grateful for this very generous gift.

CPC was also awarded a $13,500 grant from the Archdiocese of Baltimore in November, 2021.
Since 2008, the archdiocese has giving over $180K to CPC! This year's grant was funded by the monies raised through the 2021 Archbishop's Appeal for Catholic Ministries. Every year, a portion of the Appeal funds are awarded to several pro-life ministries. We are grateful to Erin Younkins, Director of the Respect Life Office, for sponsoring our grant application, as well as Archbishop William E. Lori, those who donate to the appeal, and the appeal's Grant Allocations Committee for approving these funds, which will help support our operating budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Also, please pray for Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, who is the new chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities.
Help throw "Janelle" a Baby Shower. She's just delivered twins!
We are throwing a Baby Shower for "Janelle." One of our clients, pregnant with twins, was due this coming April, but delivered last week. Here babies are in the NICU.
"Janelle" needs a double stroller that works with her new car seats. CPC has listed the stroller on our CPC "Baby Blessings" Amazon Registry. If you are able to contribute or purchase this item for Janelle in her time of need, please click here and look under "must haves". Thank you!
Current Volunteering Opportunities
CLIENT ADVOCATE: Seeking bi-lingual (preferred) woman to work as a client advocate at our Howard Street location one to three days a week. Must be flexible, patient, willing to follow protocols, and be a team player. Interested? Email Gina here.
DATABASE HELP: Development Director seeking person to help update database in the comfort of your own home. Will provide data and spreadsheet in either Google Sheets or Excel. Work at your own pace, but complete within 6 weeks. Interested? Email Paula here.
St. Thomas Aquinas Church throws a Baby Shower for CPC
Special thanks to Marty Taylor, long-time pro-life parishioner and CPC supporter, for arranging a baby shower to benefit our material resource centers.
Gina, pictured right, Paula, and CPC Board member, Cathy Gara, were in attendance and had a wonderful time.
CPC was able to provide an update on our medical services facility, Options@328, and our fundraising needs.
We thank you for your prayers, love, and support!

If your church would like to hold a Baby Shower and/or would like a speaker at your event, please reach out to Paula at 443-884-9208 or via email here.
CPC's Golf Outing to be replaced with Family-Friendly Event

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CPC has cancelled the June 27th Golf Outing at
Maryland Golf and Country Club in Bel Air, MD.

CPC will announce further details for a Springtime, outdoor, family-friendly event to bring our supporters together in the coming months.

New event details will be announced soon. We look forward to bringing many of
our supporters and their children and grandchildren together to celebrate life!
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