Another baby saved!

Recently, "Eva", who was 20 weeks pregnant, came to Options@328 for medical services and resources. Eva was considering an abortion.
Earlier, Eva had been to another medical provider who said they would perform an abortion on her up to 23 weeks gestation.
Eva had not told anyone else she was considering abortion until she met with our client advocate, Wendy, who listened to all her needs and circumstances. Wendy offered her our free services as well as friendship.
Our nurse, Kate, performed a sonogram on Eva and shared the steps that she would undergo in a surgical abortion at this gestational age. Kate also shared the possible effects of the surgery and encouraged Eva to look online to learn from other women who regretted their late term abortions.
After our staff provided her with information and resources to support the choice for life, our client left giggling, holding the ultrasound image of her baby, and is now under OB care getting ready to deliver a healthy baby boy!