Notes from the Parish Nurse
Hello everyone,

I know we are all anxious to return to normal. We want to get back to worshipping in our beautiful sanctuary, visiting safely with our family and friends, shopping, going to the movies and-you name what you call normal. Now we have a third vaccine with the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine that rolled out last week. We are getting closer.
As I write this piece, I’m happy to report that many of us have either had at least the first dose or second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine or are scheduled to do so. At last Tuesday’s briefing, Governor Cooper announced that those frontline essential workers not already covered in Groups 1 or 2 could begin getting vaccinated on March 3 (Group 3) and those with underlying medical conditions on March 24 (Group 4). For detailed information go to the website for a chart with complete details, and to sign up for the vaccine. There are numerous other sites where you may sign up, including, Walgreens, UNC Health, and Duke Health. Or, you may contact your primary care doctor's office to see if they are offering the vaccine. Patience may be required.

On March 4 a NCDHHS release said: “given the rapid decline in new COVID-19 cases, most long-term care facilities currently meet criteria to resume indoor visitation while continuing to follow infection prevention prevention recommendations.” Before visiting your loved ones, contact the health care facilities for advice.
If you are having difficulty getting to your scheduled vaccination site, Cary Presbyterian would like to help. Contact

A CDC study found that over half of adults use chemical disinfectants unsafely while cleaning and disinfecting their homes. Although we know that COVID-19 is not spreading heavily through touch, in some cases the virus can last up to 28 days on smooth, hard surfaces. We should continue to disinfect kitchen/bathroom counters and doorknobs/handles. Read the labels and were protective gear. I’m sure you all know that you do not mix chemicals such as bleach and vinegar or bleach and ammonia as the toxic fumes can be lethal.
One last reminder: even after you are vaccinated, until we reach herd immunity; follow the Ws: Wear masks, Wait 6 feet apart, Wash your hands. Remember, we are all still capable of contracting or spreading the virus.

Chris Zaineddin
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