CPC’s 2020 Paper Program is now live!
Order your paper through CPC and support the mission of the MN Service Cooperatives.

There are two ways to order:
All orders – whether submitted through Express or by email – must be returned to CPC by June 19 to guarantee pricing.
Full details; including:  
  • step-by-step instructions on ordering through Express,
  • information on the ability to mix & match paper types and colors,
  • color samples, and
  • liftgate requirements
are available in our online 2020 Paper Catalog .
SMART users – Please add Paper 101 as a new vendor using code 1000037.
About the CPC Paper Program

CPC’s motto is Competitive, Compliant, Convenient.

Each Spring CPC conducts a competitive sealed bid for paper on your behalf to achieve the best pricing available. Conducting the sealed bid process in this way keeps your organization compliant with procurement law and nonprofit best practices. From that pricing we are able to create a paper catalog for both large and small quantity orders. Orders can be placed through our online marketplace Express. We built Express in order to ensure that your organization is able to shop online in a manner that is consistent with procurement law. We think that’s pretty convenient! 
CPC Vendors have reached out with free resources, extended promotions, and other related information. As vendors contact us about their response to this crisis, we will update this page with their offering. Click the image above to learn more.
Our eProcurement solution Express saves our members both time and energy on a daily basis.  Learn more!

Connect with Julia at julia@purchasingconnection.org .
Contact us with any questions. And remember, you can see all contracts at www.purchasingconnection.org. Thank you for supporting CPC!
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