These technology companies should be on your radar.

On September 10 in Chicago, at Experience FinXTech , Bank Director named six companies to win seven awards (Sandbox Banking won two). These tech companies deliver digital banking, lead generation/customer analytics, middleware, cyber-security, and account opening solutions. If you aren't familiar with these companies, take a look.

CPG's External Risk Events Report
Did you know? A class-action lawsuit was filed in August against Bank of America and Merrill Lynch for paying low yields on checking and cash management accounts. The action contends that Merrill is in violation of agreements with customers, which stipulate that it pay a "reasonable rate" on cash in retirement accounts. The suit further alleges unjust enrichment and deceptive trade practices.

CPG's research staff follows closely all risk events globally using multiple sources to produce a comprehensive, timely, and concise report on risk developments in the financial industry. We do the work so that risk management personnel can spend their time on managing risk! Download a sample report.

Customer Experience Lessons from the Front Lines
What passes as a good customer experience just five years ago no longer meets today's expectations. Customers desire an emotional connection with their bank or credit union - a relationship of value, trust and confidence. They want a personalized, simple, convenient and fast experience, whether in person or through technology.

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