Quarterly News and Updates March 2022

In typical New England fashion, our weather changes from hints of spring to the holding on of winter. As spring approaches, new phases of our projects in healthcare, education, corrections, and emergency preparedness spring forward.

March 16th, we launch Total Worker Health® (TWH)Trends Expert Webinar Series to bring you quarterly presentations on Total Worker Health research and practice topics. Join Dr. Marnie Dobson as she discusses the latest science on work-related stress, interventions to improve worker well-being, and the Healthy Work Campaign. 

In this issue, CPH-NEW graduate research assistant and Industrial Organizational Psychology doctoral student Declan Gilmer, provides high-level insights about positive psychology and how it can be applied to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

Turning Trying Times Into Thriving Times

Contributed by Declan Gilmer, MS, University of Connecticut Department of Psychological Sciences
The field of psychology has a long history of identifying pathologies, whereas positive psychologists focus on utilizing individuals’ strengths and helping people achieve a higher quality of life. Positive psychology has been an especially useful field in the context of intervention development. Interventions can be individual- or group-based, and can focus on a number of topics, including gratitude, meaning making, humor, forgiveness, and hope. A recent meta-analysis showed that such interventions have a small to medium effect on well-being and several other variables. A positive psychological lens can also be applied to workplace contexts. Click to read this issue of CPH-NEWs and Views to learn more about how to apply positive psychology to promote workplace wellbeing.
Training and Continuing Education

Total Worker Health for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals: This self-paced, online continuing education course provides an introduction to TWH and how it applies to OSH professional practice. More information here.

Total Worker Health Facilitator Training: Sharpen your facilitation skills in this 10-hour training course to teach you how to engage workers in a design process focused on employee safety, health and well-being. Register here.

Total Worker Health Learning Lab: A continuous learning community, designed as a next step of learning for graduates of the TWH Facilitator Training. This quarterly learning lab provides space for more advanced training on the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (HWPP), as well as important and emerging Total Worker Health topics. First date is March 15th at 1pm EST. Register here.
Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 11:00 AM - You Belong Here: A Total Worker Health Approach to Inclusive Engagement at Your Workplace - Keeping employees connected and engaged is more important now than ever before. And yet, 40% of people say that they feel isolated at work. The result is lower organizational commitment and engagement. Join Health Links™, along with national and local experts, to learn more about how to foster a workplace culture of belonging, inclusion, and support. Register here.

Wednesday March 9th, 2022 12:00 PM EST - NIOSH Expanding Research Partnerships 2022 Webinar Series: Technological Change, Work, and Well-Being - NIOSH Expanding Research Partnerships 2022 is a three-part webinar series designed to explore how technological change is impacting work and well-being. Register here.

Wednesday March 16th, 2022 1:00 PM EST - Addressing Worker Mental Health: The Healthy Workplace Campaign - Join CPH-NEW’s Total Worker Health Trends: Expert Webinar Series to learn about the link between work, stress, health and interventions to improve worker well-being. Marnie Dobson, Ph.D. will present work and tools from the Healthy Work Campaign that can be used to improve the health and productivity of working people. Register here.
New Publications

Participatory Assessment and Selection of Workforce Health Intervention Priorities for Correctional Supervisors. Dugan, A. et al. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. (2022)
Watch, Listen, Read

The Get Outdoors Employers Toolkit: Research shows that outdoor recreation presents physical and mental health benefits including reduced stress, improved well-being, and increased social connectedness. The Get Outdoors Employers Toolkit, created by the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office along with the Center for Health, Work and Environment at the University of Colorado School of Public Health, helps Colorado organizations improve the health and well-being of their employees through outdoor activities.

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