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 CPI News Brief     Volume 8 Issue 17 * October 2019

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" Easy to Learn Supportive Psychotherapy"
Online Training Module is Now Available

Did you know that Supportive Psychotherapy...
  • ... is designed to support an individual's functioning? It is practical and focused on real world concerns.
  • ... is easy to learn? You don't need years of training to learn how to use supportive psychotherapy effectively.
  • ... can help practitioners engage meaningfully with individuals? Without engagement, not much can be accomplished in our work.
  • ... can occur in most any comfortable and private setting? It isn't limited to the "counseling room".
  • ... can be helpful even in one meeting? That's right, this isn't necessarily a long-term treatment.
We're pleased to announce that " Easy to Learn Supportive Psychotherapy", a new module featuring Columbia University's Deborah Cabaniss, M.D., is now available in the Center for Practice Innovations' learning management system.

This module is designed for clinicians, support staff and others who work with individuals in behavioral health and other settings. It helps learners to:
  • Use an easy to learn model of supportive psychotherapy
  • Identify information about patients, particularly their ability to function and their history of coping with stress in the past
  • Identify goals for supportive psychotherapy
  • Use techniques for achieving short term supportive psychotherapy goals
Continuing medical education credits for completion of this module are available.
To access this module: