This is another in our series of on-line training modules designed to update practicing clinicians – primarily psychiatrists and nurse practitioners - with respect to classes of psychotropic medications and/or specific psychopharmacologic content areas. 

We believe that these trainings will be relevant for your practice. As importantly, we hope that they are more engaging than typical long lectures accompanied by numerous slides, reviewing medication after medication, or study after study.

This module features Michael Grunebaum, M.D., an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and a Research Psychiatrist at New York State Psychiatric Institute specializing in clinical research on the treatment of mood disorders and suicidal behavior. 

Dr. Grunebaum’s presentation will cover the evidence base for medications that have been used to target suicidal thoughts and behaviors, circumstances where the risk of suicide may be increased, and advice for prescribing clinicians with respect to mitigating risk in suicidal patients. Additionally, David Lowenthal, M.D., J.D., a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at CUIMC and the Medical Director of CPI, will discuss several medicolegal considerations of which the prescribing clinician should be aware.