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 CPI News Brief     Volume 8 Issue 13 * September 2019

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Announcing the New and Improved
Supervisor Resources button!
CPI is pleased to announce a new and improved Supervisor Resources button highlighting available online tools and training recommended for supervisors and managers.

To access the revised button, login to https://rfmh.csod.com and click on the Supervisor Resources button in the lower right (see blue arrow below).

Once you click on the Supervisor Resources button, you will see three options for additional information (as seen in the screen shot below).

Inside the General Trainings & Tools for Supervisors link, you will find online trainings and tools to support supervisors and managers in topics such as:
  • Clinical supervision
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Team-based care, and
  • Communicating with other service providers
Inside the Topic-Specific Trainings and Tools for Supervisors link, you will find online training and tools focused on initiatives within the Center for Practice Innovations or other core clinical competencies. For example under Motivational Interviewing you will find:
  • Decisional balance ruler
  • Role plays for handling resistance, and
  • Motivational interviewing master treatment plan sample
Finally, inside the Managing your Team in the Learning Management System link, you will find guidance on:
  • How to add or remove team members from your roster in the LMS
  • How to assign trainings to staff, and
  • How to generate reports of training participation in the learning management system.
For questions regarding your LMS account, please contact the CPI Help Desk at cpihelp@nyspi.columbia.edu