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 CPI News Brief     Volume 8 Issue 8 * June 2019

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CPI's FIRST in a Series of New Psychopharmacology Modules is Now Available --

Treatment Resistant and Late Life Depression: An Update for Prescribing Clinicians 

This is the first online training module designed for psychiatrists and nurse practitioners who have been in the prescribing workforce long enough to have mastered the basic elements of prescribing psychotropic medications and to have reasonable familiarity with available medications. The primary focus is on the dissemination of knowledge regarding newly approved medications, important recent findings for a particular content area, and an emphasis on established evidence-based practices that appear to be underutilized.

As important as providing relevant content, the intent of these trainings is to engage prescribing clinicians in a way that is superior to the model of long lectures accompanied by numerous slides reviewing medication after medication

This module features two Columbia Psychiatry faculty members, Dr. Jeffrey Miller and Dr. Brett Rutherford, who are experts in Treatment Resistant and Late Life Depression, respectively. The training covers the assessment of true treatment resistance, psychopharmacologic interventions for treatment resistant depression, the phenomenological and neurobiological differences in depressive disorders in older adults, and specific interventions for treating late life depression.

Continuing education credits for completion of this module are available to physicians and nurse practitioners. It is anticipated that additional modules covering antipsychotic medications, medications for obsessive disorder, and medications in pregnancy and the peripartum period, as well as other content areas, will become available later this year.

To access this module:
  • Log into the Learning Community using your username and password at: https://rfmh.csod.com/client/rfmh/default.aspx
  • Click on "Browse for training"
  • Click on "Psychopharmacology Trainings for Prescribing Clinicians"
  • Click on "Treatment resistant and late life depression..."
  • Click on "Launch"