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 CPI News Brief     Volume 9 Issue 8 * May 2020

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CPI's Second in a Series of Psychopharmacology Modules is Now Available

Antipsychotic Medications: An Update for Prescribing Clinicians
This is the second online training module designed for psychiatrists and nurse practitioners who have been in the prescribing workforce long enough to have mastered the basic elements of prescribing psychotropic medications and to have reasonable familiarity with available medications.

We hope these trainings provide content that is relevant for your practice; but more than that, we hope they are more engaging than typical long lectures accompanied by numerous slides reviewing medication after medication  

This module features Donald Goff, M.D. who is the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center and is an expert on the use of antipsychotic medications in the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Dr. Goff's presentation focuses primarily on how one works with a patient to choose an antipsychotic medication, considering tolerability, efficacy and adherence. It includes material on significant side-effects, switching strategies, the more recently approved antipsychotic medications, and treating patients with refractory symptoms.

Continuing education credits for completion of this module are available to physicians and nurse practitioners. It is anticipated that additional modules covering mood stabilizing medication, medications for obsessive-compulsive disorder and for suicidality, as well as other content areas, will become available later this year.
To access this module:
  • Log into the Learning Community using your username and password at: https://rfmh.csod.com/client/rfmh/default.aspx
  • Click on "Browse for training"
  • lick on "Psychopharmacology Trainings for Prescribing Clinicians"
  • Click on "Antipsychotic Medications: An Update for Prescribing Clinicians"
  • Click on "Launch"